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It had been such a beautiful morning that Jane could not help but wish to walk to the Compound for food upon that day. She felt delightful, truly, despite the pains that were very much normal now. That day (a Saturday), she knew that she would be able to find plenty of delicious fruits and wonderful breads to bring home, which she did with a careful step. She greeted the dogs as she came back, leaning over to feed them each an equal piece of bread, brushing her hands off on her enlarged dress. "Stuart?" she called out, making her way back to the bedroom as she finished eating her apple.

Perhaps additional rest would do no harm. "Stuart, are you..."

She did mean to finish her sentence, but as she approached the room, all she could feel was a rather peculiar dampness to her. It could hardly be her monthly duress, for she had not experienced such a thing since she became pregnant. As well, she could not have sat in any pool of water. One long moment later, she realised precisely what had happened and her intake of breath was sharp and soft. "Stuart!" The cry this time was louder and slightly more panicked and would have carried out to the clearing, were he in the boarding house.

Stu came out of the nursery. Now that Mama and Darcy were settled elsewhere, he'd been fixing it up. Every day the baby didn't come, he found something new to do, whether it needed it or not.

"Yeah, darlin'?" he replied, looking at her, then looking at the floor around her feet. His heart jumped and he felt a little woozy. "'s time," he said softly and ran the few steps to her side.

Jane's eyes had widened in panic, not knowing what to do as her hand reached out to clasp Stuart's wrist, her fingertips pressing hard against his skin and there came a soft whimper of worry in her breathing. "What do I do?" she inquired, unsure now that her confinement had begun. She knew what must happen, but not what to do first.

Despite what he was feeling inside, Stu was as calm as ever. "Reckon we best get you to bed," he said with a gentle grin. "You're gonna have a baby."

He took her arm and laid his hand at the small of her back, escorting her to the bedroom. "Why don't you get the bottoms off. We're gonna need the doc here pretty quick," he said, then walked back out and opened to door. "Kojak. Treehouse," he said strongly and the old dog looked up, scented the air from inside the hut, and ran off the porch, hellbent for the Doctor and Chase's place.

Jane focused on her deep breathing as she walked alongside Stuart and closed her eyes as she tried her very best to walk along uninterrupted, her chest tight as she neglected to breathe properly. But she did precisely as he said, sliding out of her bottoms and sitting gently on the bed, her rather large stomach before her.

It was strange to think that soon, it would not be quite so large.

Once the dog was off, Stu returned and undid his buttons, stripping down to his undershirt. He hoped the doctor would be quick...he was terrified this might go fast and he'd have to catch the girl. He wasn't looking forward to that, no sir.

He took a seat and fluffed the pillows, smiling at her whenever he'd look up. "Are you having regular pains, Jane?"

"Not regular, no, no, not regular at all," Jane reported, quite calmly and with deep breaths as she reached for his hand and took it into her own, closing her eyes as she settled into the bed. "Hardly at all. I have felt but one sharp pain."

"Then we have plenty of time," Stu replied, gently stroking her hair back from her face. "You want a glass of water or something? I'm sure the Doctor and Chase will be here any minute."

"Doctor Maturin," Jane said immediately, feeling quite hot in the weather as she held onto Stuart's hand with a wary smile that hinted upon her lips. "Please do not leave me?" she requested quietly, eyes brimming with water as she stared up at him. She could not cease to be so very frightened.

"Ain't anywhere I need to be," he teased gently, getting comfortable on the edge of the bed. "I sent Kojak and the Doctor'n them know what to do, right? We have it all planned out." He was trying to be reassuring, hoping it was coming through.

She nodded as she focused on her breathing, keeping hold of his hand while her other went to rest upon her stomach and she began to wince when a fresh set of pain slowly came over her and she held her breath, teeth digging into her lower lip with aplomb. "It hurts," she admitted, voice tiny and surprised as she embraced the pain.
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Her dreams had been rife with the future that evening, of oranges and children and the shine of Lizzy's hair in the sunlight, tied with ribbons and love and Jane curled happily into the warmth of Stuart's body, glad that for the evening, Lydia had settled within her to give her some peace. Though there were many aches as of late, Jane never saw fit to complain of them and when morning came and she roused, she could only be content to be privileged to wake up another day in the happiest home she had found.

She tugged the blankets tighter, a strange shiver about her when she noticed that Stuart was no longer wrapped about her, causing something of distress in her. "Stuart?" she inquired curiously, wondering just where his strong arms had gone to.

[For Stu]

Jun. 10th, 2007 11:24 pm
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The moment that Elizabeth had gone to find her food, Jane had swept up her skirts and immediately set to her feet, ribbon falling out of her hair as she descended each stair, in a hurry to find Stuart. She did think to try their home first and foremost and though her legs ached with the use after so much rest, she was pleased for it, knowing that she was back and she was to be with her husband.

She crossed the clearing, running at a brisk pace, as fast as she possibly could and up the stairs, petting Kojak and Lady happily. Where could he be? She needed to see him, she could think of nothing else!
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Jane had the scan tucked away within the pocket of her coat as she hurried home, having proceeded straight there after she had taken tea with her Mama. She could not stop the joyous tears from running down her cheeks and her eyes must look a frightful mess, all pink and swollen and she sniffled softly as she ascended the stairs of their home, knocking as she wandered inside.

"Stuart?" she called out. "Mr. Darcy? Is anyone home?"

She undid her blue coat and took off her bonnet, setting them both on the table as she greeted Lady affectionately, laughing when her pup pawed at her stomach (in her reach when Jane had crouched down). "Oh, do you want to say hello too?" she teased gently.
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Jane could not shake the terrible feeling hanging over her, no matter what she did and so, she sat upon the ground of the hut, brushing out sketches that she had attempted her hand at, rather horrid and without any sort of similarity, but it took her mind off the fact that someone else was walking about looking precisely like her.

It was hardly fair to her, she believed, for she did not want her reputation ruined by the promiscuous clothing and hardly the terrible behaviour.

"Lady," she called quietly. "Come," she called over calmly, and waited for her puppy to trot over, nuzzling Jane's hand and it made her smile, if only barely. "Good girl. And don't you listen to the woman who just looks like me."

For Stu

Mar. 27th, 2007 11:22 pm
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Jane had spent the evening going around each window and propping them open, her conversation with Peter hard to push from her mind and she let the breeze push past her growing hair, closing her eyes and letting it pass over her face. It was strange, she realised, to be on an island where everyone knew your past and went to such lengths to keep their knowledge quiet.

She exhaled softly against the warm breeze, hands clasping the windowsill as she peered out into the large, open space of their land, something she always loved, and she made her way to the porch to curl up in the rocking chair and do the same thing; simply watch the Island.

She was dressed in a light summer dress that breezed with the wind and she smiled, content and pleased, the ball having gone perfectly. Now, she would resume kitchen duties and assist with the school as best as she could. She hoped Mr. Darcy was settling well, and she made a note to check on him soon. But for now, she was content to simply sit.
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Jane had made her way home after a particularly delicious breakfast at the Compound with a good thick bread and cheese sliced between pork. She had some for Stuart as well, but as she approached home, things began to become quite odd in her viewpoint of them. She set the sandwich upon the table and set to greeting the dogs with such vigorous love, petting them affectionately and kissing them again and again, declaring her true love for them,

She knew Stuart to be on the porch, but she did not simply want to tell him how much she loved him. She did want to show him, expressly, and she flung open the door, eyes lighting up when she saw him and her heart did bubble over and nearly burst, she was so glad to see him.

"Stuart!" she announced happily, nearly tackling him, cupping his cheeks and kissing him fervently and desperately, climbing into his arms and kissing every portion of available skin again and again. "Oh! Stuart," she exhaled. "I'm quite befogged as to why I have not told you yet today how very much I adore you," she murmured, fingers stroking his back. "And worship you. And love you," she continued on brightly and warmly.

She did not know why she had not told him as much! It was a terrible offense as a wife.

For Stu

Jan. 12th, 2007 08:03 pm
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It had been a long and trying day. From the sickness in the morning to the Doctor's visit to the joyous news to the giddiness that prevailed to the further sickness in the afternoon, Jane had been going, going, and going nonstop. Even if it simply was to be ill. She had been so intent upon finding Stuart, but that had all gone to naught when she had spent her entire afternoon sick, needing to sleep off the nausea.

When she awoke, she had found the most dreadful and horrid thing. "Lady!" she shouted, with anger, finding that she was crying as she dashed out of bed to chase the dog who had her very best new project in her mouth (the light blue robe of such beautiful material) and it was all torn to shreds. It was completely ruined. "Lady, what have you done!" she demanded angrily, yanking the robe with both hands and beginning to play a game of tug of war with her new young pup, sobbing and shouting all the while.

"You give it back," she demanded, a cross look on her face. "Right this instant!" She wiped her tears, relinquishing the tight hold and Lady won out, sending Jane back onto her bottom, which only served to further drive her to madness.

She gave the dog a furious look. "You are a horrid pet," she announced miserably, sniffling slightly and simply sitting there, crying silently.
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It was a strange thing, the morning of the Sunday when Jane was slowly drifting from a deep slumber into a manner of awakeness. It was warmer, she could feel that much. She curled up closer to Stuart, not wanting to wake up just yet, for it was still so early (and she could tell by the manner in which light spilled over her body).

Of course, the soft and wet touches upon her face were quite distracting and she could hardly sleep when such a thing was happening. She turned and tossed slightly, but the touches continued.

"Stuart," she protested in a soft whimper. "It's too early." And she was still half in dreams (such wonderful dreams).
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Turning down for the night was one of Jane's most favourite activities. It was a calm time for her and she did not ever rush it. She kept the lamp on and changed slowly, brushing out her hair as she paced the room, keeping count of her strokes. Once done, she set down in bed with solely Stuart's shirt on (no underwear or trousers, too warm for such things) and tugged up the sheets as she enjoyed her tea and took to reading the letters from her hope chest, Kojak at her feet.

She absently pet him while reading, Leftenant Ford's words clear in her mind as they had been now for a full day. She was ignoring the true path she was supposed to take. Perhaps she might be unhappy, but it would be proper, would it not? With a sigh, Jane set the letters upon her chest, taking off the ring to study it, twirling it about and setting it on the nightstand to look upon it, almost forlornly. Ford was nothing but gracious and kind. His opinion must matter. She set to reading the letters again, petting Kojak absently.

Stu came back from doin' his business, as he referred to it, and proceeded to get skinned down to his underwear.  )

For Stuart

Sep. 19th, 2006 09:54 am
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Jane had been quite fastidious in her mending of things, both tangibally and intangibally. She had a tray with her, with Stuart's mended trousers atop it (she had sewn the button back on) and a tray of tea as well, to go with her as she approached him, as though it might broker through the awkwardness. She did wear her bonnet still, to hide the marks upon her neck.

Easing down the path, she found she was rife with anxiety, but finally arrived at Stuart's small area and set the tray down beside the tent before going in search of him, peering through the trees and almost hoping, indeed, to find Kojak. Some animal companionship might do her wonders.


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