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It was all so very strange and bordered upon the absurd. Such strange happenings, but when Jane had gone to sleep, at least content that her family was very much safe, she had not felt herself in the familiarity of Mr. Darcy's home when she began to stir. How odd, then. Had she not found herself off from the island, free from its confines? However could she begin to understand this? She stirred slightly, eyes blinking open slowly and quite lazily.

It felt, perhaps, as though she had been sleeping a month. And la, but when she opened her eyes, she saw the most strange and blurry sight that did confirm for her that she must be dreaming.

"Lizzy?" Jane spoke hoarsely, mouth very much dry.

She did not understand and she slowly sat up, adjusting her eyes to the room before a spark of hope latched itself to Jane and she allowed herself the very most tentative of tiny smiles. Was she back? Was Stuart nearby?

"Lizzy, oh! Whatever are you doing here?" Jane inquired with such joyous relief and happiness as she sat herself up, Lydia kicking all the while.
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Jane could hardly think to actually have this conversation, but it was one of the utmost importance and she had braved herself for it all breakfast. Without another moment's hesitation and with Mr. Ford's helpful and encouraging words in mind, she went towards her hut, feeling almost a stranger to it. She needed to speak with Lizzy, the matter begged such importance and Jane felt so truly horrible. She needed someone who truly understood, and perhaps, for once, she might even show Lizzy her true feelings, such that they were so strong.

She paused in the doorway, peering inside. "Lizzy?" she asked, voice soft. "Are you here?"

[For Lizzy]

Aug. 2nd, 2006 09:42 pm
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The hut was quite lovely, perfectly lovely in fact and Jane could hardly hope to ever build something nicer. In fact, she knew for a fact that she had no manner of talent in crafting shelters herself and thought highly of Elizabeth's talent to do so.

With night falling, though, Jane was quite uneasy. She had nothing to change into and she hardly wanted to get her good dress dirty. It was such a small little thing, but it made her feel far worse than it should have. She tugged off her gloves and concealed any sadness, all the day's events since she'd arrived pooling up.

It would not be appropriate for her to cry, of all things. And so, she did not.

"It's a lovely home, Lizzy," Jane commended, quite honestly, looking around. "It feels so very much like a home, and I am sure that has all to do with your touch."


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