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Jane had made her way home after a particularly delicious breakfast at the Compound with a good thick bread and cheese sliced between pork. She had some for Stuart as well, but as she approached home, things began to become quite odd in her viewpoint of them. She set the sandwich upon the table and set to greeting the dogs with such vigorous love, petting them affectionately and kissing them again and again, declaring her true love for them,

She knew Stuart to be on the porch, but she did not simply want to tell him how much she loved him. She did want to show him, expressly, and she flung open the door, eyes lighting up when she saw him and her heart did bubble over and nearly burst, she was so glad to see him.

"Stuart!" she announced happily, nearly tackling him, cupping his cheeks and kissing him fervently and desperately, climbing into his arms and kissing every portion of available skin again and again. "Oh! Stuart," she exhaled. "I'm quite befogged as to why I have not told you yet today how very much I adore you," she murmured, fingers stroking his back. "And worship you. And love you," she continued on brightly and warmly.

She did not know why she had not told him as much! It was a terrible offense as a wife.
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It was a strange thing, the morning of the Sunday when Jane was slowly drifting from a deep slumber into a manner of awakeness. It was warmer, she could feel that much. She curled up closer to Stuart, not wanting to wake up just yet, for it was still so early (and she could tell by the manner in which light spilled over her body).

Of course, the soft and wet touches upon her face were quite distracting and she could hardly sleep when such a thing was happening. She turned and tossed slightly, but the touches continued.

"Stuart," she protested in a soft whimper. "It's too early." And she was still half in dreams (such wonderful dreams).


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