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Only one day had passed since Jane had found her way to Carwood and had explained as simply and kindly as she could that it would not do for her to be in his presence when she had developed feelings for him that were hardly appropriate in any light. It had been a day and still, Jane felt herself heavy with grief. She had taken Lydia to the Children's Office and had retreated home to a vast place filled with the echoes of happy life.

She hardly made it inside before she found herself overcome with the realization of the past day and what she had done. She pressed her back against the door and found herself sliding down it until she reached the floor, a stunned and teary look to her face as she gaped into space and wished for some sense to all this madness.

How could she have allowed herself to feel so deeply for a man that was taken? How terrible of her! Oh! She could not even sum up the ways that she was disappointed with herself, but she must come to terms with it as she had done it.

Jane found her body quaking mildly as she brushed long fingers against her cheeks to blot at whatever wetness was there, wishing for strength and for Lizzy and for the secureness and safety of her family in this moment. A quiet sob of a sound escaped her and as she glanced up, she realized that she had not fully closed the door upon her return.

[For Glen]

Dec. 18th, 2008 03:39 pm
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Jane tugged her coat tighter about her body as she progressed and walked from her home to Mr. Bateman's, the knowledge burning in her mind as to what Lloyd had said to her. He had killed Glen, shot the man on an order. She had not been able to sleep one single night without replaying the events in her mind, imagining them in terrible form.

She hastened to hurry, her step faster and she was relieved to arrive at his hut (which was now in its strange winter shape), whereupon she did not hesitate to knock firmly and quickly upon the door. "Mr. Bateman. Mr. Bateman, it is Jane Bennet, are you here?" she asked, tone calm and yet worried.


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