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She had woken up in a strange kitchen with a dress on her back and no memory. There was a cup of tea before her and she hadn't the slightest idea what had happened. Rubbing her eyes, she tried fervently to place facts. First of all, where was she? It was a kitchen of a sort with sinks, a table, and other assorted items. She did not recognize it.

Secondly, she was in what appeared to be a dress and corset, with many trappings. There was a mug of tea before her, still steaming warm. So logic then followed that she must have been there for some time, but she had just prepared the tea.

But third, and most important...

Who was she?
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London in the springtime was a wonderfully diverting time and Jane did enjoy walking the streets, even if Miss Bingley did say that her brother would not be in. That was it, then, the conclusion to her story. She could not win him back if he would not see her and Jane resolved to put him out of her mind.

She watched the sailors and officers roam the streets with a distracted eye, her bonnet ruffling in the wind and the ribbon pulling loose and the whole thing coming off. Jane turned to watch it go, like a tumbleweed in the streets and she hurried to give chase.

She could not lose her bonnet, not her favourite one.


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