bennet_beauty: (romantic: by melly)
Jane Bennet ([personal profile] bennet_beauty) wrote2007-01-13 09:56 pm

For William and Sacharissa

She had noted, out of curiosity, that when she went to visit Sacharissa in the Times office to deliver tea and scones that there had been an odd tension there between her and William. It was not palpable, exactly, but it was noticeable and very slyly (more sly than she had been ever before in her life, to be true), she had requested that Mr. de Worde might help her with the wording of a future announcement.

At her hut.

During teatime.

Of course, that it was the regular teatime with Sacharissa was a fact that only the two of them knew, those of the female persuasion. Hopefully, Jane might be able to discover the trouble and correct it, all the while serving tea and biscuits.

[Jane-Sax-William, mayhaps?]

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