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For William and Sacharissa

She had noted, out of curiosity, that when she went to visit Sacharissa in the Times office to deliver tea and scones that there had been an odd tension there between her and William. It was not palpable, exactly, but it was noticeable and very slyly (more sly than she had been ever before in her life, to be true), she had requested that Mr. de Worde might help her with the wording of a future announcement.

At her hut.

During teatime.

Of course, that it was the regular teatime with Sacharissa was a fact that only the two of them knew, those of the female persuasion. Hopefully, Jane might be able to discover the trouble and correct it, all the while serving tea and biscuits.

[Jane-Sax-William, mayhaps?]

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Sacharissa arrived at the usual time, bag with her newspaper supplies tucked under her arm. She was utterly clueless to anything out of the ordinary. Knocking at the door of the hut, she waited patiently.
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William had considered trying to walk and type at the same time, but when it came down to it he didn't want to drop the computer, and a notebook was less conspicuous and threatening.

So it was his notebook that he was engrossed in when he approached the hut, looking up when close and then stilling.

"Er... dropping by for a surprise visit?" he ventured.

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Sacharissa looked from Jane to William, alarmed. "I -- I have tea with Jane every week," she said. She blinked once, twice, then stepped in as she was bid.

"Hello, Jane," she added quickly, remembering her manners. "How has your day been?"

Something here was not right.
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" the same time," William said, stepping towards the door out of politeness. It wasn't a question. He recognized this, even if the underlying purpose would be somewhat different.

"Jane asked me here to discuss the wording of an announcement," he glanced at Jane and raised his eyebrows hopefully. "Is there actually an announcement?"

When he'd been told there was a book in the parlor for him, there usually was. It was just that there was also an eligible, landed heiress of some variety to go with it.

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"I wouldn't dream of fighting for them," Sacharissa said, still bewildered. She took a biscuit, though. You didn't turn down biscuits just because you didn't know what was going on. Sometimes you took biscuits because you didn't know what was going on.

Biscuit in hand, she took a seat.
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"Nor would I," William said, taking a seat. The only problem with being sure this wasn't for the usual reasons was that he didn't know what the reason was.

Maybe Jane just hadn't wanted to make two lots of tea? One could hope.

He took a biscuit, too, for the same reason.

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"Ah, yes," Sacharissa said uneasily. It was the not knowing that made it all confusing. Conversation was alright, though, wasn't it? "That's... It's lovely, Jane. I was just taken by surprise."

She glanced over at William. "You hadn't mentioned an announcement."
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Well, conversation was fine. Should be fine. And she was right, wasn't she? He was the one that had been known to drag Sacharissa away from the Times to talk about things that weren't work, back in Ankh-Morpork.

"A very admirable desire," he told Jane, making a small smile, then looking over at Sacharissa. "Er... it didn't seem to bear mentioning until I knew what it was."

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Sacharissa stared a moment, not really feeling up to commenting on William's fine eye for anything at the moment. "Y-yes," she stammered, focusing on her cup as she added sugar. "It really is."
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William puffed up in his chair a little, taking a rather less wary sip from his cup. "Thank you," he said, with a much less manufactured smile. Although it did stumble a little at Sacharissa's stammer. "It's always been a passion of mine."

You just had to use the word 'passion', didn't you? scolded his inner editor.

"Er, although, Sacharissa is rather good with words, herself," he said. You forwarded on compliments at occasions like this, as a matter of course. "I've never had quite her knack for headlines."

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Sacharissa laughed awkwardly. "He has to say that," she insisted. "I work for him, so he'd better like what I do." Er. "They just come to me, really." Turning to William, she added, "Yours are improving, though."

The really good thing about tea time was being able to hide behind taking a sip.
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"I was really quite proud of 'House Defaced'," William agreed, smiling in self-satisfied delight. "She's right, though. There is a reason I emply her, so it's hardly surprising."

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Sacharissa looked to William again, then back to Jane. "My grandfather's a printer," she explained. "He did William's letters of news before the press came along."
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"Er, basically, yes," William agreed, with a slightly amused smile at this abbreviated and probably technically inaccurate version. They'd known each other then, of course, but they'd never really met. She'd just been a dim figure, often with a broom.

"And then I started using the printing press, meaning Sacharissa's grandfather lost my business. So I hired Sacharissa to write for me, because I needed the help and they needed the money."

He might have skipped a step or two in there himself. But the essential facts were there.

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Sacharissa all but choked on her tea, setting the cup down a little too quickly. "Jane -- I --" She shook her head, mouth hanging open in protest. "It was not so swift as all that and we -- I -- I think you've been misled."
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William did about the exact same thing; choked on his tea, sputtered a bit and flushed, setting it down.

"We're, um, Sacharissa and I aren't together," William said, almost tripping over the words in his haste. "Er, not like you mean. Not a couple. Just- the earlier part. Friends."

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Sacharissa set her hands flat on her lap, still a bit flustered. "Ah. I... was confused for a moment," she said apologetically. The question took her by surprise, though, and she stared briefly before taking up her cup for another sip.

"It's always tense," she said then, as if that should have been obvious. "It's a newspaper office."

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