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Tea for Two [For Sacharissa]: Dated to January 9th

It was a tradition that she was more than pleased that they had begun, having this talk and tea together in Jane's home. It was not that she had little to no friends, of course, but Jane found Sacharissa to be one of her very best. And today was perfect for it, for she was feeling quite ill, the change of weather contributing.

She did her very best, however, to not show this weakness and only patted the sniffles away with her handkerchief when it was not noticeable. The sneezes were harder to hide, of course, but the rest was internal and she would not let weakness show.

Save for an ache, a head-cold, and a mild feeling of nausea, she would be quite well.

"More tea?" she inquired. "I can have no more and we have so much hot water left. It would be such a waste to see it go."

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"Well, I cannot say no to that," Sacharissa said, smiling as she held her cup out to Jane. She enjoyed these teatimes as well, pleasantly tucked away for an afternoon, a chance to take her mind off work and, now, the way William was still behaving as if she were made of porcelain. She felt bad enough without seeing the way he acted now. "Another cup would be lovely."

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Her mistakes at New Year's bothered her more than recent events, but she wasn't prepared to discuss those with Jane, bothered by her own behavior. Gently stirring sugar into her tea, Sacharissa shrugged. "Quite well, to be honest. But what of you?"

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There was nothing in the way Jane spoke or looked to make Sacharissa question her; the phrasing sounded to her like evasion, though it was possible that was her journalistic instincts rearing up in the wrong place. "I only wondered how you were taking all this mess, as you say."

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Sacharissa got to her feet quickly, following after Jane to hover in the doorway, eyes averted. "Jane, are you alright? Shall I fetch some water or something?"

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"There's no need to apologize," Sacharissa said, almost scolding. "It's an understandable reaction and we're going to change the subject at once." She smiled over her shoulder, though, moving back into the hut to find a drink for Jane.

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Sacharissa emerged moments later, holding out a glass to Jane. "There now, drink up. Do you need to sit down for a moment?"

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"Have you been feeling ill lately?" Sacharissa asked, leaning against the tree and looking at Jane with some concern. "Or is it only -- it's a very troubling image, you really shouldn't think of it." She herself had grown conditioned to it; working on a paper in a big city did that, and so had spending her last several days on the story.

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"I doubt allergies would have this sort of effect," Sacharissa said, frowning a bit. "You aren't allergic to the puppy, I hope?"

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Sacharissa smiled over at the dog -- such a sweet, cute creature, a perfect pet for Jane. "It is a possibility, but it's more likely that you're allergic to local flora you've never encountered, since home's such a different environment. I don't know, though. Lady's such a sweetheart."

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"You did say you'd seen the doctor, right?" Sacharissa asked, moving closer to rub Lady behind the ears. She was still growing accustomed to doctors as opposed to Igors.

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Sacharissa's smile grew as she held the dog, petting and wrinkling up her nose with quiet laughter when Lady started licking her. "Perhaps you ought to have another check-up, dear. They might have something to help with the allergies."

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Sacharissa raised an eyebrow, glancing at Jane over Lady's head. "At this moment, perhaps, but you've been sniffling all day, you're taking frequent naps, and -- well," she said, and gestured to the scene of Jane's earlier nausea, "I hardly think the picture of health an appropriate description. In any case, I'd rather you be safe and certain than fall ill unnecessarily."

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Sacharissa followed, concern writ across her face as she bent down to let Lady free. "Jane?" Suspicions were beginning to form more concretely in her mind as she waited in the doorway. "The matter we spoke of at the party -- did the situation change in any way?"