Jan. 13th, 2014

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After some weeks from the visit which had been brought upon them, Jane had endured plenty of thoughts. It was not at the forefront of her mind as she found the concept of the question frightening and wary, but it had remained there. It stood in her mind when she changed Emmy and put her to bed. It lingered as she read stories to Duckie and set him down for his nap, but it resonated most when Jane looked at her eldest.

Lydia was now nearly eight years old and it was in her that Jane often saw the remnants of Stu in her eyes and the shape of her nose. It reminded her that Carwood had grown to love another man's child and had looked past biology to do so. He had done such a noble and loving thing and she wondered why she should not do the same.

Now, weeks later, she felt that she had made an about-turn in her decision, but there was a problem at hand. How was she to tell Carwood that she wished to help two men out and give over her body, if only for the better part of a year?


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