Feb. 24th, 2013

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After birthing two children in the privacy of her own home, Jane had planned to be at the clinic this time. She had grown used to the modernity of the clinic and appreciative of all its trappings. Still, some things you could not plan and the unexpected nature of the third child was one of those things. Jane stared down at the mess she had made in the lobby, breathing out sharply as she realized what was to come.

She felt rather nervous for even though she had done it before, it was still a terrifying notion to know what was coming. "Lydia," she said calmly, turning to her youngest. "Will you take Duckie and make your way to the Compound? Make sure you are both there safely and please check in with an adult, tell them I sent you," she said, offering her child a gentle smile. "I will walk with you some of the way."

She watched Lydia take Duckie in her arms when the Compound was in sight, carefully making their way and though she did not like to leave them alone, she knew that it was best they not see Jane as she made her way through the earliest stages of the pregnancy. Once they were inside, she lifted the skirts and made her way to the Boarding House, breathing heavily as she went.

Once inside, she calmly went to the office, hoping not to disturb anyone. "Carwood?" she said, calm as she could. "Are you busy? I require your aid."


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