bennet_beauty: (confidant: by tihana)
Jane Bennet ([personal profile] bennet_beauty) wrote2011-04-07 07:33 pm
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Ever since Carwood had returned from the strange sleep that had once afflicted her, Jane had been most concerned with him. It had not been long, but she still felt as though something must have happened. Sonya had even asked her and she was not sure what to think. And so, she set about dinner that evening with the clear goal in mind of wishing to speak.

She sat Lydia down to eat earlier, making sure that all of her vegetables and meat was cleared before allowing her to go off and play with Lady, pressing a kiss to her daughter's cheek. When she was gone, she set the table for herself and Carwood, a hand pressed to her growing-stomach to ease her movement around the kitchen.

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