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Jane Bennet ([personal profile] bennet_beauty) wrote2011-03-18 08:56 pm
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It did seem a strange and happy coincidence. Jane herself was pregnant and Lady was at the same time. Though, Jane felt remiss in that she had not noticed her own dog was pregnant until very nearly the end. She had departed from Dr. Magnus' clinic with the news that Lady would be giving birth quite soon and that she would have a litter to contend with.

Jane, crouched in front of her dog, studied her with worry. "I do not wish you to think me a terrible owner," she expressed her concerns to an animal that she knew could not return her words. She felt a duty to apologize, nonetheless. "We shall find a home for your darling pups, I promise you," she insisted, looking to the path behind her and thinking of what might be an option.

Perhaps she might advertise. Or perhaps she would be lucky enough to bless her friends with the gift of a new pet and joy in their lives.

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