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Jane Bennet ([personal profile] bennet_beauty) wrote2010-06-02 03:13 pm
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Of all the places that they might have gone on the Island to enjoy some time together, Jane found herself hard-pressed to enjoy any choice like the one they had made. She adored the beach as it was so unfamiliar and lovely at once and was such a fond place in her memories. It was here that they first met and she felt as though it kept a special place in her heart.

She had dressed in freshly-laundered linens and now made her way to meet him, hoping that he would not find her late. She had placed Lydia at the Children's Office in the hope of offering privacy were they to wander longer than they had possibly planned. When she saw him in the distance, she brightened far more than before, waving as she approached. "Carwood," she greeted warmly, leaning on her toes to kiss him. "I do hope I'm not too late."

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