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It had been such a beautiful morning that Jane could not help but wish to walk to the Compound for food upon that day. She felt delightful, truly, despite the pains that were very much normal now. That day (a Saturday), she knew that she would be able to find plenty of delicious fruits and wonderful breads to bring home, which she did with a careful step. She greeted the dogs as she came back, leaning over to feed them each an equal piece of bread, brushing her hands off on her enlarged dress. "Stuart?" she called out, making her way back to the bedroom as she finished eating her apple.

Perhaps additional rest would do no harm. "Stuart, are you..."

She did mean to finish her sentence, but as she approached the room, all she could feel was a rather peculiar dampness to her. It could hardly be her monthly duress, for she had not experienced such a thing since she became pregnant. As well, she could not have sat in any pool of water. One long moment later, she realised precisely what had happened and her intake of breath was sharp and soft. "Stuart!" The cry this time was louder and slightly more panicked and would have carried out to the clearing, were he in the boarding house.

Stu came out of the nursery. Now that Mama and Darcy were settled elsewhere, he'd been fixing it up. Every day the baby didn't come, he found something new to do, whether it needed it or not.

"Yeah, darlin'?" he replied, looking at her, then looking at the floor around her feet. His heart jumped and he felt a little woozy. "'s time," he said softly and ran the few steps to her side.

Jane's eyes had widened in panic, not knowing what to do as her hand reached out to clasp Stuart's wrist, her fingertips pressing hard against his skin and there came a soft whimper of worry in her breathing. "What do I do?" she inquired, unsure now that her confinement had begun. She knew what must happen, but not what to do first.

Despite what he was feeling inside, Stu was as calm as ever. "Reckon we best get you to bed," he said with a gentle grin. "You're gonna have a baby."

He took her arm and laid his hand at the small of her back, escorting her to the bedroom. "Why don't you get the bottoms off. We're gonna need the doc here pretty quick," he said, then walked back out and opened to door. "Kojak. Treehouse," he said strongly and the old dog looked up, scented the air from inside the hut, and ran off the porch, hellbent for the Doctor and Chase's place.

Jane focused on her deep breathing as she walked alongside Stuart and closed her eyes as she tried her very best to walk along uninterrupted, her chest tight as she neglected to breathe properly. But she did precisely as he said, sliding out of her bottoms and sitting gently on the bed, her rather large stomach before her.

It was strange to think that soon, it would not be quite so large.

Once the dog was off, Stu returned and undid his buttons, stripping down to his undershirt. He hoped the doctor would be quick...he was terrified this might go fast and he'd have to catch the girl. He wasn't looking forward to that, no sir.

He took a seat and fluffed the pillows, smiling at her whenever he'd look up. "Are you having regular pains, Jane?"

"Not regular, no, no, not regular at all," Jane reported, quite calmly and with deep breaths as she reached for his hand and took it into her own, closing her eyes as she settled into the bed. "Hardly at all. I have felt but one sharp pain."

"Then we have plenty of time," Stu replied, gently stroking her hair back from her face. "You want a glass of water or something? I'm sure the Doctor and Chase will be here any minute."

"Doctor Maturin," Jane said immediately, feeling quite hot in the weather as she held onto Stuart's hand with a wary smile that hinted upon her lips. "Please do not leave me?" she requested quietly, eyes brimming with water as she stared up at him. She could not cease to be so very frightened.

"Ain't anywhere I need to be," he teased gently, getting comfortable on the edge of the bed. "I sent Kojak and the Doctor'n them know what to do, right? We have it all planned out." He was trying to be reassuring, hoping it was coming through.

She nodded as she focused on her breathing, keeping hold of his hand while her other went to rest upon her stomach and she began to wince when a fresh set of pain slowly came over her and she held her breath, teeth digging into her lower lip with aplomb. "It hurts," she admitted, voice tiny and surprised as she embraced the pain.

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Mrs. Bennet walked into the house with a light step, not wanting to startle Jane, who must be very tired after having the pains for so long.

"Where are you, dearest?" she called out, seeing the front room quite empty.

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That tone of voice could mean only one thing: Lydia was coming, and soon! She toddled into the Redman's bedroom and surveyed the couple with an approving eye. "It is so exciting! Are there enough clean towels? I do believe we had every towel at Longbourn when you came!" Her hands fluttered nervously.

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There was only so much to do on a quiet afternoon, and the Doctor was out constructing the paddock for Arthur while Chase studied inside, poring at some high-level text or other, even though he was already part of the team. It would have been quite pastoral, had there not been some dog barking for the last minute or two, constantly. He knew his own dog's bark, and that was not it.

Finally, he set the hammer and the sonic down, turning to have a word with whomever was being noisy, when Kojak bounded up to him and barked again, a firm strong bark, weaving around his ankles before heading back to the main path and barking again, nose pointing towards his home. The Doctor could be thick, but not that thick, and he bent down to scratch Kojak behind the ears. "Good boy," he said soft and firm. "I'll be right there, yeah?"

He dashed inside, grabbing his shirt. "Rob. Rob?"
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Chase glanced up from his text, hearing the shout and the note of inherent panic in the tone and he gave the Doctor a brief look, not moved just yet. "In here," he called, from the first floor of their room, flipping a page and pressing his thumb there to mark it. "What is it, what's going on?" he asked worriedly.

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"Baby," the Doctor said, leaning in the door frame as he changed his shirt, quickly like. "High time to fetch Maturin, I suppose. And high time for this little girl, she's been running late."

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Having received word that Jane was in labor, Stephen packed a bag with the necessary supplies - gloves, suturing equipment, a stethoscope, and IV supplies (he did not know how to run an IV himself, but Dr. House could do it) - and hurried to the Redman abode. "Hello, my dear," he said, standing in the doorway. "I hear tell that a blessed event is upon you."

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"Well, honey, let us see what you and the baby are about." He took her pulse, listened to the baby with the stethoscope, and palpated her belly during a contraction. Then he pulled on a glove and, after explaining what he was going to do, checked to see how far she was dilated.

"All seems well, but I do believe we shall have a long night ahead of us," he said, as he discarded the glove. "You must rest, and eat and drink, and save your energy for the hard work ahead."

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Chris didn't know how long Jane had been in labor before he caught wind of it, but on a small island, word traveled pretty fast. Considering he knew that Jane was a little overdue, it didn't really come as any kind of surprise, but it wasn't exactly something he'd been planning on for that day either.

He got the feeling, somehow, that Stu wouldn't be getting much work done for awhile.

It was that thought that made him grab a bag and fill it with some of the things from around the kitchen that he could take -- bread, some fruit and cheeses, whatever he could find in the fridge that might keep for a little while -- and then headed out for Stu's place. He doubted Jane would really have much of an appetite, but he thought Stu might need it. Or anyone else just waiting around.

When he got there, he figured Jane, Stu and the doctor were likely in the bedroom and he carefully made his way back. "Jane?" he called out carefully, wondering if anyone else may be there to intercept him. "Stu?"

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He was surprised to hear Jane call back to him, having expected maybe Stu to pop out or maybe someone else. All-in-all, he imagined Jane had to be pretty busy.

But then. This was Jane.

Carefully, he continued walking toward the bedroom and even though she'd called out to him and the door was open, he gave a knock.

"Everything, uh..." he said, not exactly sure how he should proceed, "you alright in here? Relatively speaking."

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It was a curious feeling, to be at once so anxious and elated and uncertain about Jane's birthing when she was not even his own wife, yet that was precisely how Darcy felt, albeit internally. News travelled quickly on the island, and he had arrived only to pace briskly in front of the Redman home for a time, and was now seated on the front steps, intensely taciturn.

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All of this was as unfamiliar to Elizabeth as it was to Jane, and she was not sure how she might be of some assistance to her sister. Jane had Mr Redman and Dr Maturin and Mama, who all knew about such things, and Elizabeth did not wish to be in the way, but she would not be very far, for she would not leave her sister at such an important time. "Oh Jane, is there anything I can do for you?" she asked, peering into the room at what she hoped was not an inconvenient time.

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Elizabeth moved to sit carefully at her sister's side, trying not to jostle her, as she did not want to cause Jane any further discomfort. "Then you shall have as much of my company as you desire," she assured her. "And if there is anything else you need, you have only to ask. Just think! This shall all be over soon, and I will have a niece upon whom I can lavish all my affections." She said this most lightly with the best of humour, hoping to be a comfort to Jane's spirits.

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"Jane!" Sacharissa rushed into the room with wide eyes. "I came as soon as I heard." She crossed closer to the bed, glancing around at the others present, and held out a hand to Jane. "Are you well?"

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Beaming, Sacharissa bent in to press a kiss to Jane's forehead. "Well, we will help you to stand it," she promised. She hardly knew how she would bear it herself, almost as excited about this child as if it were her own.

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Everything was progressing as it should and Stu was more than grateful for the ocean of people that kept coming and going. It was a relief to know they weren't alone.

But for the moment they were, everyone off fetching something or other, or just letting Jane rest as the pains started coming more regular, and more painful.

Stu wiped her brow with a cool cloth and hadn't let go of her hand in so long, his own had almost gone numb.

"You're doin' just fine, Janie," he said softly, leaning in to kiss her hair. "Mighty fine."

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The Doctor had been making runs for ice chips (he'd heard something somewhere about ice chips, and really it was better than boiling water which was only effective to sterilise things, but someone was on that too) and generally being nervous and keeping Stu from getting up in too much trouble when Jane was getting frustrated. He ducked back in with a new bowl, wrapped and covered to stay cool, and a pitcher of water, not just for the mother to be, but everyone else involved.

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It had been a lengthy and arduous labor, but dear Jane had held up admirably through it all. Stephen had sat by her side throughout, and though he had managed the occasional cat-nap, he was very tired indeed - though far less tired than Jane herself, he reckoned.

At last she had told him she felt the urge to push, and he told her to follow her body's urges. Though the labor itself had been so long, it was only about half an hour before the top of the baby's head made an appearance. He pulled on his gloves, and leaning close to Jane's ear, murmured, "I can see your babe's head, my dear - it shall not be long now, not long at all."

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