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Jane was making her way home with her mother's baby bonnets and knittings in her hand, arranging them proudly and smiling down at the pink fabrics, resting them upon the bump of her stomach as she approached her home and smiled at the lovely foliage. "Stuart?" she called out, opening the door with her hips. "Where are you?"

"Right here, darlin'," he replied, his tone more than a little distracted. He sat at the dining table, going over a stack of papers he'd gotten from Chris detailing who was getting huts, and when, and where his crew all lived. His clothes were still clean and neat, and he was wearing a pair of reading glasses that he'd gotten from the clothes box. Glasses he wasn't too proud to wear. "You have a good day?"

She made her way inside, lingering in the doorway as her breath caught in her throat at the sight of him in his glasses and momentarily, she stood there, struck of speech and unable to utter a single word. She merely nodded, eyes wide, and lips parted.

When there wasn't any more sound, he looked up to see what was the matter. It didn't dawn on him that it might be the glasses. "Sorry, Janie. You need some help? I was just goin' over work orders."

She cleared her throat, but still found herself staring quite rudely. "Work...orders?" she inquired, the words squeaking mildly as she regained composure.

Stu pulled the glasses off and laid them aside, tapping his fingertips on the stack of papers. "Cutter an' I, we done split the building crew in two. I'm heading up a team, so...Sweetheart, are you all right?"

She almost too easily came back to herself, blinking and setting herself right, clearing her throat. "I am very much adequate, yes," she agreed, sitting with him and setting the knitted clothes upon the table. And then his words caught up with her. "Stuart!" she remarked with delighted awe. "Are you really?"

"Yep. Got a whole crew and two huts slated for buildin'. Told him I wasn't too sure about bein' foreman, but ain't nobody qualified like me," he grinned proudly.

Jane's eyes lit up with happiness and she immediately pushed herself over the table to wrap her arms around Stuart's neck and kiss his forehead longly. "You are qualified in the very best way!" she remarked proudly. "Oh! Stuart, we must celebrate," she said, mind already spinning.

Stu chuckled, hugging her back. "Ain't nothin' to celebrate, darlin'. It's a whole lotta work."

Jane settled back in her chair, toying idly with his glasses. "Responsibility is a reward in itself," she said dutifully, with a nod.

"That it is," he agreed, grinning at her. "Though, I s'pose we could do somethin', just you an' me."

"We always do things together," she teased. "It is what married people do." She eased the glasses back upon his nose, tapping them up with her index finger and looking upon him with great innocence and love.

He shook his head, still grinning as he looked at her over the tops of the rims. "Wouldn'ta married ya if I didn't like bein' with ya, Janie," he drawled, catching her hand and kissing the palm.

Jane blushed as she stared at his lips, her heart beating even faster now as he did wear the glasses so handsomely. "Oh," she murmured thickly. "How wonderful you look as such."

"How's that?" he asked. "Wearin' these?"

She nodded very slowly, eyes struck dumbly upon his face. "They make you look..." She trailed off speechlessly.

"It's okay. You can say it. They make me look what? Smart? Old?" he teased.

"Wonderfully handsome," she remarked, still staring, unsure as to the reaction in her, wholly unexpected.

That drew forth another chuckle. "If I'da known you liked a fella in glasses, I'd have been wearin' 'em more often."

She leaned across the table to clasp his cheeks firmly and kiss him desperately, almost a need to show him how very much she did like them. She eased away, biting her lower lip.

Stu watched her sit back, a little amused but reacting more like a man starved for kisses. "You seen Darcy today?" he asked casually.

She shook her head curiously. "I have not seen the gliders either, so I do think he has absconded with them for a walk."

Without a word, Stu stood up and walked on past her, dropping the makeshift lock and pulling in the string. "You feel like layin' down a spell?"

She glanced up to watch him, turning to glance once more at the knitted wears and his papers. "It has been some time, has it not," she agreed, voice low.

"Been a bit," he agreed, strolling back over and offering her his hand.

Jane took his hand firmly, rising to her feet in her long skirt and peasant blouse, hair tied up in many ribbons and she followed him anywhere he would lead.

Anywhere turned out to be their bedroom, where he only let go of her hand to close the door behind her and lean in to kiss the back of her neck. "I tell you how pretty you look today?"

Jane let out a soft murmur. "You tell me that every day," she reminded Stuart, her voice light, yet pleased as she moved her fingers to the strings of her skirt to unknot them.

"You oughta hear it twice a day, at least," he drawled softly against her skin, hands sliding around her waist. "Maybe even three times."

Jane's head lolled forwards before dipping back, turning to regard her husband as she moaned quietly. "Do give me a moment," she pleaded softly.

"I can do that," he nodded, letting go his hold.

Jane slowly eased away from his touch, staring down at her rounded belly as she slowly undid her skirt and began undoing the buttons of her shirt, feeling rather misshapen.

"I can do that," he nodded, letting go his hold.

Jane slowly eased away from his touch, staring down at her rounded belly as she slowly undid her skirt and began undoing the buttons of her shirt, feeling rather misshapen.

Stu couldn't help but watch, the new curves and dips making him catch his breath. "Lord, but you're pretty," he murmured.

Jane barely glanced back around, chin tucked to her chest as she could not even see to her own toes past her breasts. "I am inflated," she remarked, simply.

"You're pregnant," he corrected, stepping closer to lift her chin with a finger. "An' you just get more beautiful every day," he said quietly.

She looked at him, eyes wide and cheeks pink. "So long as you do think so, I should not care what the world might think of me," she remarked softly, leaning into his touch, her blouse falling off completely, revealing a brassiere with her skirts still loosened.

"I don't care what anyone else thinks," Stu drawled, leaning in to kiss her lightly. "I love you an' I love our baby and I love your curves an' darlin'...I might just keep you pregnant," he said, only half teasing as he rand his hands over her body again.
Jane let out a surprised shriek of a pleased laugh at that. "From now until forever?" she teased. "That may be quite difficult," she remarked, slowly ridding Stuart of his shirt, leaving the spectacles on.

"Mayhap I might change my mind after three and just keep on going," he grinned, only letting go of her long enough to slip out of the sleeves.

Jane settled upon the bed, undoing her undergarments and resting a hand upon her stomach to soothe poor little Lydia. "Stuart, darling," she appraised. "Perhaps after you gain such weight, will you understand it is not so easy!"

Stu ducked his chin and grinned, taking the opportunity to look her over. Sure 'nuff it must be hard on a body, but damn if she didn't get him goin', lookin' like that,

"I know, darlin', but you sure do look good," he replied, laying his hand beneath hers, feeling the baby move.

Jane closed her eyes deeply, feeling Lydia give one of her kicks, an actual, proper kick as she had been lately. "I am glad to please you," she murmured, the words shivered, even.

His rough hand moved over her belly, taking her by the waist again as he leaned in to kiss her. "You do a lot more'n that, Janie," he drawled against her lips, caressing her as he kissed her deeply.

Jane leaned into each touch, each kiss, every single thing that Stuart gave to her and she leaned in as she could, with her stomach creating a space between them and she kissed him in return, hands buried in his hair and moaning softly.

He leaned in, melding himself to her form as he growled low in his throat and moved her toward their bed. A man only had so much patience.

She let out a pleased sound, moving with him, body contorting to draw out the kiss, not parting for the world, breathing in deeply through her nostrils. "Stuart," she gasped, sitting back on the bed when she nearly lost her balance. Her hair fell over her face now, mussed and there was a look of desire burning deeply in her gaze.

He took the opportunity to undo his belt and shimmy on outta his jeans, then nearly fell on top of her, driving her carefully back onto the bed. "I do love you, Jane," he murmured, kissing her neck and cheek and ear.

Jane closed her eyes, breathing in shallow puffs of desire, stroking his cheek with her fingers adoringly, moaning gently. "I do not doubt," she promised, tone elated and filled with joy.

Hands moved over every curve and swell of her growing body, teasing her nipples and coaxing her thighs apart. Stu couldn't think of anything he wanted more than hearing her, feeling her, making love to her.

It felt like it had been so very long and her thighs spilled open for him at the lightest of touches, gasping as she stared up at him with clear, blue eyes. "Stuart," she remarked, licking her lower lip. "Please," she begged simply.

"Mmmhmm," he murmured, shifting to the side and pushing at her hip. He was mindful of the baby, even now. "Roll on your side, darlin'," he drawled, eager for more himself.

Jane's eyes widened with every inkling of curiosity and she did not even know what to expect, but she did precisely as he said, rolling to her side, waiting eagerly.

Stu laid on his side behind her, easing lower until he could take her thigh. Reaching around, he urged her to open for him. "Like how we do, on your knees," he said quietly, so she'd have some idea.

Jane nodded, closing her eyes and moving with grace and slowness, as though this were a dance of a new kind, shifting against his hand, her tongue pressed to her upper lip as she licked and moved with a fluid motion, parting her legs for him.

He smiled and caught his breath as he shifted, teasing her for just a second before pressing in. At the same time, his hand eased up her thigh to find that part of her that made her moan and move in ways that drove him wild. "Lord, I love you," he exhaled as she closed around him.

Her sounds were gasped and high-pitched, breathy and loving as she reacted near-immediately as though her body were acclimated to him and she rocked back and then down, to take him in deeply, her hips feeling quite fluid.

She was glad that with the baby, she had seemed to be gaining a sense of grace and losing some of her clumsiness. "I love you too, darling," she murmured, voice low and deep and adoring.

Stu kissed her back and shoulders, rocking into every movement, hurting in the best way. His fingers eased back and forth against her clit in perfect time with her movements.

Her fingers struggled to find something to hold onto and she exhaled contentedly, head lolling back to rest against his as she moved with him in perfect time, and she would love if this rhythm did continue from now until eternity, so long as it was always with him.

"Oh, darlin'," he drawled softly, burying his face against her hair. There wasn't much he could say that would make sense, not with the way he was breathing, breaking a sweat as he began to move faster.

She did mean to ask, at times, if it was always like this for all the married couples, if they were this happy and in love and she moved, reaching a hand back to clasp his hip, struggling and slipping to find his warmth and his skin, holding on as she continued, gasping his name.

Stu grit his teeth, nearly doubling up on her as he tried to think about anything but how she felt and smelled and moved and touched him. Anything but the heat and slip and the sound of his name on her sweet lips. Nothing he did helped keep it off, though, and it wasn't much longer before he pressed his head to her shoulder, spilling within her.

Her breath caught in her throat, compounding to create a soft whimper as he set off a chain reaction in her, releasing and relaxing and climaxing all at once, for she almost did so in reaction to him and her body relaxed all at once, unspooling and sinking into the mattress.

It took him a minute to catch his breath, and another minute to find his muscles, then he kissed her softly again and again. "The things you do to me, woman," he whispered against her neck. "Make a young man out of me."

Jane let out a slow exhalation, moaning softly as she leaned into each kiss. "You are a young man," she murmured, her voice sated. "A very young man, and a young Daddy-to-be."
His hand moved up and settled on her stomach, the baby still...maybe rocked to sleep for the time being. "Yes, ma'am," he agreed.

She slowly smiled, lips spreading up with content. "Darling," she sighed happily. "I love you so completely with all my heart."

Stu smiled and stretched out behind her, holding her close. "I love you, too, Janie," he said softly.

She simply smiled contentedly, glad to be there, unmoving. "And I shall love you forever," she swore, resting her cheek against his, nuzzling his neck.

He sighed, content to hold her in his arms and just lay in bed for a bit. Even here, he wanted to give her everything he could and make her life as good as could be. His wife wasn't going to know want, and his kids weren't going to have to go hungry. He'd see to that. If he could have explained it, he still likely wouldn't have. No need to make her fret. All he said, tipping his head to press against her, was, "Yep."