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After so long of a wait, Jane found that the actual event rushed onwards. It seemed as though her small child was not willing to come out. It seemed as though Lydia would celebrate her fourth birthday before Richard ever established the date of his own birth. And then, suddenly, it was as though God above had challenged her and deemed that she would wait no longer. Within the first hours, Jane could already tell that this would be faster than Lydia's birth, as she seemed to feel the pains much closer together at an increasing rate.

With it, she felt a deep sadness pervading her mood. For all that she knew she ought to embrace the joy of a new child, she could not help but remember all those dear to her who were with her the last time she gave birth. Dr. Maturin and Stuart and so many more dear friends were no longer with her and it brought tears to her eyes through every moment of the birth.

She had been correct in her estimation, however. From the moment in which her water broke to Richard being placed in her arms, only fourteen hours had elapsed. It was a welcome change from the first event in which it had been days of suffering and oh! It had been worth it, of course, but it had been such a feat of endurance.

Now, with Richard bundled up in a swath and cleaned of all the grime and blood that covered him -- the necessary medical aid performed by Doctor House -- he rested comfortably in Jane's arms as Lydia slept soundly at her side. She had been eager to join her Mama, but Jane had insisted that she be kept outside until things were more civilized. At four, perhaps she would already begin to bring these memories forever forward with her.

"Hello, little Duckie," Jane greeted her young son fondly, brushing her thumb over the tufts of blond hair at the top of his forehead. "We have been waiting ever so long to actually meet you."
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Only one day had passed since Jane had found her way to Carwood and had explained as simply and kindly as she could that it would not do for her to be in his presence when she had developed feelings for him that were hardly appropriate in any light. It had been a day and still, Jane felt herself heavy with grief. She had taken Lydia to the Children's Office and had retreated home to a vast place filled with the echoes of happy life.

She hardly made it inside before she found herself overcome with the realization of the past day and what she had done. She pressed her back against the door and found herself sliding down it until she reached the floor, a stunned and teary look to her face as she gaped into space and wished for some sense to all this madness.

How could she have allowed herself to feel so deeply for a man that was taken? How terrible of her! Oh! She could not even sum up the ways that she was disappointed with herself, but she must come to terms with it as she had done it.

Jane found her body quaking mildly as she brushed long fingers against her cheeks to blot at whatever wetness was there, wishing for strength and for Lizzy and for the secureness and safety of her family in this moment. A quiet sob of a sound escaped her and as she glanced up, she realized that she had not fully closed the door upon her return.
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It had been such a beautiful morning that Jane could not help but wish to walk to the Compound for food upon that day. She felt delightful, truly, despite the pains that were very much normal now. That day (a Saturday), she knew that she would be able to find plenty of delicious fruits and wonderful breads to bring home, which she did with a careful step. She greeted the dogs as she came back, leaning over to feed them each an equal piece of bread, brushing her hands off on her enlarged dress. "Stuart?" she called out, making her way back to the bedroom as she finished eating her apple.

Perhaps additional rest would do no harm. "Stuart, are you..."

She did mean to finish her sentence, but as she approached the room, all she could feel was a rather peculiar dampness to her. It could hardly be her monthly duress, for she had not experienced such a thing since she became pregnant. As well, she could not have sat in any pool of water. One long moment later, she realised precisely what had happened and her intake of breath was sharp and soft. "Stuart!" The cry this time was louder and slightly more panicked and would have carried out to the clearing, were he in the boarding house.

Stu came out of the nursery. Now that Mama and Darcy were settled elsewhere, he'd been fixing it up. Every day the baby didn't come, he found something new to do, whether it needed it or not.

"Yeah, darlin'?" he replied, looking at her, then looking at the floor around her feet. His heart jumped and he felt a little woozy. "'s time," he said softly and ran the few steps to her side.

Jane's eyes had widened in panic, not knowing what to do as her hand reached out to clasp Stuart's wrist, her fingertips pressing hard against his skin and there came a soft whimper of worry in her breathing. "What do I do?" she inquired, unsure now that her confinement had begun. She knew what must happen, but not what to do first.

Despite what he was feeling inside, Stu was as calm as ever. "Reckon we best get you to bed," he said with a gentle grin. "You're gonna have a baby."

He took her arm and laid his hand at the small of her back, escorting her to the bedroom. "Why don't you get the bottoms off. We're gonna need the doc here pretty quick," he said, then walked back out and opened to door. "Kojak. Treehouse," he said strongly and the old dog looked up, scented the air from inside the hut, and ran off the porch, hellbent for the Doctor and Chase's place.

Jane focused on her deep breathing as she walked alongside Stuart and closed her eyes as she tried her very best to walk along uninterrupted, her chest tight as she neglected to breathe properly. But she did precisely as he said, sliding out of her bottoms and sitting gently on the bed, her rather large stomach before her.

It was strange to think that soon, it would not be quite so large.

Once the dog was off, Stu returned and undid his buttons, stripping down to his undershirt. He hoped the doctor would be quick...he was terrified this might go fast and he'd have to catch the girl. He wasn't looking forward to that, no sir.

He took a seat and fluffed the pillows, smiling at her whenever he'd look up. "Are you having regular pains, Jane?"

"Not regular, no, no, not regular at all," Jane reported, quite calmly and with deep breaths as she reached for his hand and took it into her own, closing her eyes as she settled into the bed. "Hardly at all. I have felt but one sharp pain."

"Then we have plenty of time," Stu replied, gently stroking her hair back from her face. "You want a glass of water or something? I'm sure the Doctor and Chase will be here any minute."

"Doctor Maturin," Jane said immediately, feeling quite hot in the weather as she held onto Stuart's hand with a wary smile that hinted upon her lips. "Please do not leave me?" she requested quietly, eyes brimming with water as she stared up at him. She could not cease to be so very frightened.

"Ain't anywhere I need to be," he teased gently, getting comfortable on the edge of the bed. "I sent Kojak and the Doctor'n them know what to do, right? We have it all planned out." He was trying to be reassuring, hoping it was coming through.

She nodded as she focused on her breathing, keeping hold of his hand while her other went to rest upon her stomach and she began to wince when a fresh set of pain slowly came over her and she held her breath, teeth digging into her lower lip with aplomb. "It hurts," she admitted, voice tiny and surprised as she embraced the pain.
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Jane was currently on a mission to find herself proper clothes that would better accustom her new form. It was not much changed, of course. There was the mere matter of her widening hips, but of course, she could no longer wear the corset, for her chest ached with the baby.

And so, she was leaning over the box, her legs nearly dangling in the air as she supported herself with her hands, head peering inside, her hair all loose and too long for her.

"Where are you," she mumbled to herself, snatching at pairs of trousers and long skirts with ample waistbands, for later down the line.
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Jane could not move, not for the life of her. She was sprawled out upon the floor of the hut with a blanket under her and one over her, a pillow underneath her head. She had laid down and now was feeling too dizzy and ill to stand. Lady had hovered by her side, licking at her face and Jane sighed, patting her lightly until she flitted away.

The dog, in all her infinite wisdom, had pushed herself out of the door and sprinted across the way to the treehouse, yapping and barking away in her tiny voice.

Lady rushed back to Jane's side hurriedly, whining at the door when she could not get back in and Jane sighed, trying to sit up. "Lady," she pleaded. "Just a moment."
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Jane smoothed her hands upon the chest one more time, trying to summon the will to open it, but she could not find it in her to do such a thing. In fact, she was quite terrified. She had had this since she was young, but it was so much heavier now. What might she do?

She exhaled, fingers at the box's lid, ready to pry it off, but she hesitated once more, dreading what she might find inside. "It cannot be," she murmured thickly. She did not want to fathom what she might find. It truly scared her.
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Jane was not in a particularly pleasant mood, quite distraught. She had served her breakfast the other day and her interaction with Stuart had only served to put her in a very new place all-together. She was confused and terribly upset as one thing had soon been realized.

She would not ever be married. She would not ever be a wife, what she had been brought up to be. Jane burrowed into the blankets on the bed, feeling very much saddened and alone and she found herself in a tiny ball, eyes red as she simply stared forward.

She did not wish to lose Stuart, but how could she have lost her place in society? She did not know what to do, but feel a great loss.


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