For Stuart

Sep. 19th, 2006 09:54 am
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Jane had been quite fastidious in her mending of things, both tangibally and intangibally. She had a tray with her, with Stuart's mended trousers atop it (she had sewn the button back on) and a tray of tea as well, to go with her as she approached him, as though it might broker through the awkwardness. She did wear her bonnet still, to hide the marks upon her neck.

Easing down the path, she found she was rife with anxiety, but finally arrived at Stuart's small area and set the tray down beside the tent before going in search of him, peering through the trees and almost hoping, indeed, to find Kojak. Some animal companionship might do her wonders.
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Jane had known that it was time, far past any time really, and had found herself a little black dress that barely covered her legs and very much revealed her breasts and she tugged on a sleek and short bathrobe atop as she wandered, barefoot, in the direction of Stuart's tent. Her strides held purpose and she knew she wanted one thing and one thing alone, that thing which she had been saving up for someone; Him.

Wandering closer to the tent, she waited in the clearing, the night cool and brisk about her as the cover of darkness made seem almost a shadow in the night. She called out his name in a sing-song voice. "Stuart," she sang out, her voice low and playful. "Come out, come out, whereever you are."


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