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5. One day, there's a flash of red hair in the recreation room, sitting at the piano bench and Jane stops, fearing that her heart may stop along with her step. She stared, caught up in the playing and wandered, as if drawn. It was a simple tune, something many apt players could play. He played with error, but when he looked up and smiled brilliantly at Jane, she could hardly say a word.

"Jane," he grinned. "I've just found this lovely pianoforte. Come, play with me."

She sat delicately upon the bench, smiling at Mr. Bingley and feeling the way her heart ached at the mere sight of seeing him, laying her fingers down upon the piano, but before she might play, he gently grasped her fingers. "Jane, darling," he said, worriedly. "Where's your ring?"

Jane looked upon him, eyes wide and frozen. "My...?"

Mr. Bingley positively lit up. "Yes! Of course, your ring! We have been married for a week and a half now, Mrs. Bingley," he said, rather giddily, kissing her palm and her cheek, before kissing her lips and resuming the song.

Jane just sat, fingers hovering over the keys, no music in her ears but the sound of deafening silence.


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