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It was possibly mildly sneaky of her to do such a thing, but Jane had, in fact, gone ahead with it. She had sent an invitation for tea upon this lovely day. Hers had ginger syrup in it to quell her stomach and she was sitting and waiting for her guests.

Yes, of course, more than one.

She had invited both Guy Burgess and Lord John Marbury to tea with her, hoping that whatever their silly little feud was regarding that tea (the solution to ever so many problems) might aid. And so, she sat primly and properly, awaiting them. Of course, the advantage was that so she might also tell them the good news.

And so, she waited.

[Jane-Guy-Marbury, if that works?]
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She had woken up in a strange kitchen with a dress on her back and no memory. There was a cup of tea before her and she hadn't the slightest idea what had happened. Rubbing her eyes, she tried fervently to place facts. First of all, where was she? It was a kitchen of a sort with sinks, a table, and other assorted items. She did not recognize it.

Secondly, she was in what appeared to be a dress and corset, with many trappings. There was a mug of tea before her, still steaming warm. So logic then followed that she must have been there for some time, but she had just prepared the tea.

But third, and most important...

Who was she?


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