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Jane had taken to cultivating herself a garden now that the warm weather had returned and graced them all with the prospect of sun and heat. It gave her mind something to occupy upon and allowed her quiet distraction and solace from all thoughts of Carwood and it did improve the look of her home, lonely as it was with only the three of them there.

She reached over Lady's scruff to pluck another bed of flowers farmed from other parts of the Island, ready to be transplanted and kept her dulled look upon them, feeling truly listless as she regarded her tasks. Perhaps the job gave her solace from Carwood, but there was a part of her that did not wish it so and merely wished that their relationship was not quite so problematic.

She blew a hot breath of air from past her lips, frizzy hair falling in her eyes as she did so.

[For Lloyd]

Feb. 7th, 2009 12:00 pm
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The next occasion upon which Jane found a reason to go to the Boarding House was not to see her tenants in the whole, but merely to see one of them. She had long since been thinking of what had occurred at New Years, but could not bring herself to vocalize the questions as to why. Not until now, at which point Jane found there to be no reason to withhold herself any longer.

She brought with her the simplest of treats and found herself staring at Lloyd's door worriedly, sure that it did mean nothing. She simply wished for such clarifications. She adjusted the basket of cookies in her hand, glad for the Doctor's watching of Lydia while she conducted such a meeting.

Very softly, she knocked upon his door, increasingly hoping that perhaps he would not be home and this would be a very quick visit. Perhaps then Jane could simply continue to ignore her thoughts.


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