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Lydia had insisted upon two stories before bed this evening. Jane, never one to deny her children anything that they requested, had patiently read through the books, providing the voices with as much steady enthusiasm as she could bear. Once her eldest was asleep, Jane made her way to Duckie's room in order to change him, feed him, and ensure that he was well-content. As ever, he wriggled and babbled as she worked, but she had grown to find his state of unrest a fond thing. It reminded her, almost, of Kitty and Lydia and she thought that at least Richard would never hurt for activity.

An hour later, she was quite ready for bed herself, though the hour was still early. Still, Jane marked the day as a success. She was tired, yes, but had the presence of mind to still be thoughtful and alert. Her body did not ache as it had in the early days, which made her grateful that the worst of Duckie's infancy seemed to be over. With such a thought came others, but they were not plans to be made on her own.

Upon reaching her shared room with Carwood, Jane set to undressing as her mind ruminated on the possibility it had happened upon. Her fingers brushed against the corset once her linens were off and she cast a gaze through the large room. "Carwood?" she called, softly so as not to wake the children. "May I request your help?"
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After so long of a wait, Jane found that the actual event rushed onwards. It seemed as though her small child was not willing to come out. It seemed as though Lydia would celebrate her fourth birthday before Richard ever established the date of his own birth. And then, suddenly, it was as though God above had challenged her and deemed that she would wait no longer. Within the first hours, Jane could already tell that this would be faster than Lydia's birth, as she seemed to feel the pains much closer together at an increasing rate.

With it, she felt a deep sadness pervading her mood. For all that she knew she ought to embrace the joy of a new child, she could not help but remember all those dear to her who were with her the last time she gave birth. Dr. Maturin and Stuart and so many more dear friends were no longer with her and it brought tears to her eyes through every moment of the birth.

She had been correct in her estimation, however. From the moment in which her water broke to Richard being placed in her arms, only fourteen hours had elapsed. It was a welcome change from the first event in which it had been days of suffering and oh! It had been worth it, of course, but it had been such a feat of endurance.

Now, with Richard bundled up in a swath and cleaned of all the grime and blood that covered him -- the necessary medical aid performed by Doctor House -- he rested comfortably in Jane's arms as Lydia slept soundly at her side. She had been eager to join her Mama, but Jane had insisted that she be kept outside until things were more civilized. At four, perhaps she would already begin to bring these memories forever forward with her.

"Hello, little Duckie," Jane greeted her young son fondly, brushing her thumb over the tufts of blond hair at the top of his forehead. "We have been waiting ever so long to actually meet you."
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Ever since Carwood had returned from the strange sleep that had once afflicted her, Jane had been most concerned with him. It had not been long, but she still felt as though something must have happened. Sonya had even asked her and she was not sure what to think. And so, she set about dinner that evening with the clear goal in mind of wishing to speak.

She sat Lydia down to eat earlier, making sure that all of her vegetables and meat was cleared before allowing her to go off and play with Lady, pressing a kiss to her daughter's cheek. When she was gone, she set the table for herself and Carwood, a hand pressed to her growing-stomach to ease her movement around the kitchen.
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When the month of February arrived, Jane began it worried a terrible deal. Her illness had, as expected, cleared and she was left feeling far more refreshed than she had been in the duration of the cold months. What troubled her, however, was her weight. She had been raised by her Mama's concerns and knew that she must keep her girlish figure.

Recently, it seemed as though she had put on so much more weight than she ought to, taking her daily walks as she did. She sought aid with Dr. House, as she had grown used to consulting others when their professional opinion was needed. It was then that he did her check-up and it was now that she returned home, a look of shock on her face.

Perhaps happiness would soon follow, but at the moment she could not do anything but stand in the front hall as she removed her shoes, so focused on such a small task as Dr. House's news took its time to settle.
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It had been a terribly long time since Jane had felt as ill as she did. Six months back, she had eaten apples that had been let to sit in the sun far too long and days later, she felt precisely as she did now -- queasy and sweating, paler than normal. She had taken Lydia to the children's office and returned to New Pemberley in order to do precisely as she did the last time -- rest and recover.

She had water at the bedside in order to best replenish and a bucket as well (as she did fear for the worst case).

Two days after the sickness began, Jane began to wonder if the terrible feeling would ever lighten. It seemed to consume her day in and out and she was beginning to feel weak. Her fingers trembled finely as she picked up her water and sipped at it delicately, careful not to shift her blankets too heavily.
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In ways, Jane could not possibly believe that she stood here with Carwood and met with the certainty that she was to be his wife in a matter of moments. Throughout the ceremony, it was all she could bear to think about and when it was through, she could not believe it, yet. She continued to steal glances from him and felt her breath in her chest catching at every moment.

"Carwood," she whispered to him when the event was over and their closest friends had witnessed the loveliness, "Carwood, we are married," she spoke the words with great reverence and awe. They had allowed their best persons to stand at their sides. Lydia had been the flower girl, and Jane had permitted both Jack and the Doctor to walk her to Dale, who had officiated with such a lovely air.

With Ianto as her best man, Jane felt as though she had the very best of friends surrounding her and was equally glad that they had decided on a very casual party. There was food, of course, and drinks, but she did not feel as though she ought to worry in regards to whether she was playing hostess appropriately.

She still could not quite believe, really, that she was once more married.
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Of all the places that they might have gone on the Island to enjoy some time together, Jane found herself hard-pressed to enjoy any choice like the one they had made. She adored the beach as it was so unfamiliar and lovely at once and was such a fond place in her memories. It was here that they first met and she felt as though it kept a special place in her heart.

She had dressed in freshly-laundered linens and now made her way to meet him, hoping that he would not find her late. She had placed Lydia at the Children's Office in the hope of offering privacy were they to wander longer than they had possibly planned. When she saw him in the distance, she brightened far more than before, waving as she approached. "Carwood," she greeted warmly, leaning on her toes to kiss him. "I do hope I'm not too late."
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Jane had taken the food for Carwood and had moved it to New Pemberley, for while she did not think either of them unable to remain in decency about the other, she still felt it best that they did not cause a scene -- even in happiness. She arranged the birthday cake and sucked sweet frosting from off her pinky to assure that it still tasted wonderful, giving a nod of pleasure when it was no less tasty than when she had made it.

It felt as though her whole body hummed in anxiety, utterly unsure as to what was to come next. To be sure, she knew of her love for him, of his love for her, and of his adoration for Lydia, but she had done this once before to great disaster with Mr. Bingley and once in a most unconventional way with Stuart. She had no basis to work upon and that scared her, truly.
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This was quite the foolish endeavour, so Jane believed, and she could hardly believe she was attending as she was. Simply because a strange man with wings implied to her that he had found her someone to take her mind off her troubles, to offer solace and to allow her a moment's peace through romance. It was terribly silly and Jane was only attending so that she might tell whatever man he had coerced that such a date was not going to occur.

It was only right that she should deny this. She had found trouble in following her heart with Carwood and only recently had she been waking to find that she was not mired in grief. She must continue with this and not remain weak, subject to the moods of her heart. She bundled her long coat tighter about herself, tugging her gloves higher and keeping a weather eye upon her surroundings for whatever man was bound to arrive.
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There was little that Jane had ever endured in her life that was quite so difficult as this precise situation she found herself in. It had been perfectly tolerable and yet so very frustrating all at once and now she found herself at this strange and horrid impasse in which she could not make amends with the feelings she was experiencing.

It hurt her so terribly, caused her stomach such an ache and her heart such a grief, and she knew that she could no longer hold in such secrets when honesty was far more respected. She must seek out Carwood and tell him, though she did not wish to at all. She did know she was most likely to find him at the Boarding House and so this is where she went, stepping foot into the office and knocking lightly upon the door.

"Carwood?" Oh! How strange that her voice did not falter and prove to be a signifier of things to come. "Are you perhaps free a moment?"
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Lydia had been most in distress for a great deal of time, now. It seemed as though Jane could no longer ignore the strange bumps upon her skin and would be best availed at bringing in aid. Of course, this would be far easier had she known precisely what was wrong. It seemed to be a kind of pox, but Jane was no doctor and could not be sure.

"Mama," Lydia whined softly. "It itches."

"I know, darling," Jane promised hurriedly as she fetched cloths to wrap Liddy's hands in, hitching her up into her arms. "I know," she whispered, kissing her matted blonde hair (she was quite feverish, which was a concern as well). "We shall go to see Carwood," she promised. "You would like that, would you not? He will help."

"Okay," Lydia agreed, rubbing a clothed hand over her eye before Jane could snatch it back and prevent her from itching.

It was not a terribly distant walk, but Jane worried every step of the way, unsure of precisely what Carwood's opinion would be and terribly unsure of herself in his presence. She merely told herself over and over that it could come to nothing, that they would be nothing more than friends, but it did hurt her heart terribly to think so. She arrived at the officer's barracks and shifted Lydia in her arms (the weight growing heavier by the day). It was with a firm hand that she announced her presence, pounding upon the door. "Carwood! Carwood, are you at home?"


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