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It seemed that no matter what period that the island did connive to throw upon her, Jane never did find herself feeling at home. It was the future or some version of it and though Jane always did her best to adjust without a word of complaint, she found herself quietly disappointed that it was always her that must change and never the other way around. She took quiet solace in the fact that at least she knew the layout of the city (it was much unchanged from the summers she spent with her Aunt and Uncle) and that the clothes were similar to what she had worn for so long. She welcomed back the use of corsets and was delighted that she was able to dress her children as her Mama had done.

Though, now, she wished that she had not put Liddy in such a nice dress or given Duckie such a good shirt. Jane's daughter was careening down the sidewalks (the icy sidewalks) and Duckie continued to drool apace upon the good fabric, no matter how much Jane tried to stem the flow.

"Lydia!" Jane called ahead, as sharp as she ever dared. "Papa will be very cross if you break your neck, you know."


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