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Name:Jane Bennet
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Jane Bennet is a tall, blonde-haired, blue eyed beauty raised in Longbourn-house in Hertfordshire. She possesses four younger sisters and they are all quite beloved. Her heart was in the hands of one, Mister Bingley, though Jane would hardly lead you to actually believe such a thing. As of late, one Mr. Stuart Redman has stolen possession of her heart and she freely admits to being quite head over heels in love with him, her husband.

Amongst her inventory, Jane possesses naught but the clothes on her back:
One straw hat. Floppy and wide at the brim with a long, wide pink ribbon tied round it; the ribbon falls freely to the waist, knotted once at the chest.
One high-waist, light blue coat, with pink flowers embroidered into the lapels; the embroidery was of her own doing on one pleasant spring afternoon.
One white corset done up properly and with room to breathe.
One long muslin white empire line dress with a pink ribbon done up under her breasts to accentuate her form. The sleeves go down to the elbow and the dress trails to the floor.
A white slip and pair of linen pantaloons acting as underwear.
Several pins in her hair to keep it up in a bun.
One pair of spotless white gloves.
One pair of leather flat-soled boots, the leathered coloured cream to better match her petticoat.

Jane Bennet is a character from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. This particular incarnation is from Joe Wright's 2005 version. She leaves canon just before Mr. Bingley returns to Netherfield and before she is proposed to.

[Disclaimer: I do not own Jane Bennet. This journal is for [info]the_blank_slate. Rosamund Pike belongs to herself]

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