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Jane felt that perhaps Carwood would be able to sense that something was amiss as soon as Jane began to come to bed later or sometimes sleeping in one of the children's rooms. In fact, it was as soon as her mind had moved from the tentative place of not knowing precisely what she was going to do into that utter certainty that she felt wary about how she was going to tell Carwood what she wanted.

She knew that he would support the decision, but that things would likely be strained between the two of them and she did not like the notion of being in such discord with her husband, especially when they had been so complacent and worked so well together for so long.

Perhaps, though, it was good to have their marriage tested to see where the seams might split. For if they did not evaluate and fix such areas now, what would happen if something terrible happened. Jane lingered in Lydia's room that night, watching her daughter with fondness, yet always holding that fear that had lingered since Rapture.

She would tell Carwood tonight. She would face the consequences.
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He was pretty busy these days, all things considered: ITF training and Rapture patrols, council duties and office hours, keeping the Boarding House and New Pemberley in shape, three kids, and now Luz new to the Island, and he couldn't quite help wanting to keep tabs on how he was settling in. Once a First Sergeant, always a First Sergeant it seemed.

But it didn't escape his notice that when he did come to bed, Jane wasn't always there. When he checked on the children before turning in, sometimes he'd see her asleep with them, and he wasn't about to wake her.

The thing was - he'd had a marriage fail before. Things had grown cool and distant between him and JoAnne, and when he realized that a pattern was forming and Jane was keeping her distance, it was a hard blow.

He came to wish Lydia goodnight, and there was Jane, sitting and watching her, looking as beautiful as ever. "Hey," he said quietly, leaning against the doorway.
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"Nah, was just coming to say goodnight to Lydia - didn't mean to disturb you." His eyes moved to Lydia as she spoke of her abduction, forever thankful to have her brought back to them. His gaze fell back to Jane, though, at the thought of Kirk and the Doc. "Yeah - me too."
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Ah. He kept his face clear, but he felt that settle in his gut like a piece of lead. "You're sure?" No wonder she was staying away - he'd been clear that he didn't want her to go along with it, and she was doing it anyway. It wasn't just his pride, though, but the surrogacy itself that made him uneasy.
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He shook his head, certain of that more than anything. "Jane -" his eyes flicked to Lydia, and he forced his voice to be quiet. "I may not think like you on this, but I still love you. I don't want to be through with you - not today, not ever." He rubbed the back of his neck.
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He moved towards her, putting a hand on her shoulder, hoping that his touch would be welcome. It was so odd to feel this hesitant around Jane, after being on the same page as her for so long. "Only nine months," he agreed, because in the grand scheme of things, it wasn't so very long - but he doubted it would go by quickly enough for his liking. "I'll make sure we get the terms in writing. They keep things as safe as possible, and the Doc becomes our family doctor for starters."
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He It was a relief to hear her lay those points out, to know for certain that she felt the same way about certain aspects of it as he did. McCoy had already assured him that no physical intimacy would been needed in the act itself, but afterwords was the question. It would be difficult enough to watch Jane carry a child and then see it given away.

He nodded, adding it to the mental list he was making. "I'd like that," he said, to having another child of their own.
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He took her hands, but even her words didn't fully prepare him for her words. "Jane, no - they can take the child away, but I'll see you through it!"
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He didn't want the possibility that her health might be in danger spoken out loud, but there was no arguing that he hadn't been worried about just that occurrence. He wasn't a sit-on-the-sidelines kind of guy, and the thought of staying away while Jane went through labour went against his instincts, even if that's how so many men from his own generation had done things. "Are you sure that you want this?" He asked, squeezing her hands, looking at her with a furrowed brow.
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It was logical, and he could respect that. She was thinking this through very rationally - in fact, more than he was as this particular moment. He had a hard time weighing things properly where Jane was concerned, especially her safety. He knew she'd thought this through, and her practical and altruistic approach made him love her all the more fiercely. "Okay," he said, finally. "We keep clear boundaries."
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Lipton nodded, because he'd been thinking much the same thing in that respect. Get the terms down in writing, and make sure they'd stick. "Do you have someone in mind?"
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He couldn't think of any current or former lawyers of his acquaintance on the Island, either. "Are they any lawyers here? We could ask someone on the Council. Perhaps Dr. Saroyan - she was both an administrator and a doctor, so she'd probably be capable of handling the paperwork."
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He shook his head. "No, I'll do it." He could do that much, at least.