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After some weeks from the visit which had been brought upon them, Jane had endured plenty of thoughts. It was not at the forefront of her mind as she found the concept of the question frightening and wary, but it had remained there. It stood in her mind when she changed Emmy and put her to bed. It lingered as she read stories to Duckie and set him down for his nap, but it resonated most when Jane looked at her eldest.

Lydia was now nearly eight years old and it was in her that Jane often saw the remnants of Stu in her eyes and the shape of her nose. It reminded her that Carwood had grown to love another man's child and had looked past biology to do so. He had done such a noble and loving thing and she wondered why she should not do the same.

Now, weeks later, she felt that she had made an about-turn in her decision, but there was a problem at hand. How was she to tell Carwood that she wished to help two men out and give over her body, if only for the better part of a year?
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Lipton closed their bedroom door behind him, and moved to change for bed. "The kids go down alright?" He asked, putting away the clothing he'd worn to the council office. Jane was the best at the children's various bedtime routines, of course, but he enjoyed the chances he got to join in them himself.
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With the placement of her hand and her first words, for a brief moment he thought she might be pregnant - but that wouldn't be something he wouldn't like very much. He wanted a big family, and he knew Jane did too, but Emmy was not even a year old yet, so that was on the back burner.

"Oh yeah?" He joined her on the bed, sitting beside her. "What's up?"
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"Ah," he said, settling back against the headboard, unease taking up residence in his gut. He hadn't forgotten the visit from McCoy and Kirk - he'd promised to think about it, after all. His own views hadn't changed. He'd read a lot of books about pregnancy and childbirth before they had Duckie, and had even glanced through some of the more 'modern' ones to see what they said about surrogacy - and while it assured him surrogacy was as safe as any pregnancy, it just confirmed his assumption that the whole thing was hugely complicated emotionally and psychologically.

But the thing was, he couldn't help but acknowledge that McCoy and Kirk deserved to have the family they wanted. Working with them both through the Council, getting to know them a little better, he could empathize with them. He just wished it wasn't his wife who they'd asked.

"You want to go through with it." He said, and it wasn't really a question. She may have phrased it more delicately than him, but he was a straightforward kind of guy. "Jane, I don't like it - how can you carry another man's child for nine months, and then give it away?"
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He looked down, brow furrowing. It was true that he loved Lydia as his own daughter, even though they weren't related by blood.

"But you're not raising a child to be your own, Jane. You're a storage locker in this - and then you give the baby to them. I know they'll be good parents, and I wish them all the best in adopting a baby somehow, but you don't need to be generous in this." He looked at her, imploring.
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"It's not how I think of you," he said, frustrated, knowing she opposed him on this and dreading the way it was headed. They rarely disagreed, much less quarrelled, and it didn't sit well with him that they were starting to do so now. "But if you do this for them, that's what you're providing them with, and that's why I don't like it. You're not raising someone else's chid, you're having it. And no, I don't like that you want to carry a child that isn't mine, even if we aren't ready for more of our own!"

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"That's part of it," he admitted, because while he wasn't a jealous man by nature, he still couldn't stand the thought of Jane with someone else. It wasn't Stuart in particular - all things considered, he sounded like a real stand-up guy - but a possessiveness for the one he loved that surprised Lipton himself.

"Even if they weren't my children, and I was still here, I would love any baby of yours, Jane." That was true enough, but it would be so much more difficult if he knew the fathers, and knew that they could had been his and weren't. "I just don't know how you can carry a baby for nine months, feeling it kick, and sleeping with it between us, and still be willing to give it away the first time you saw him or her."
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"No," he said, and he reached out across the bed covers to take her hand. He disagreed, but there was no way he couldn't admit that, the way she put it, it sounded like a wholly noble enterprise. He couldn't fault her for her generosity, for her willingness to commit so completely to a favour for some friends.

If he was another sort of man, if this was Huntington, West Virginia in 1945, he might've thought to put his foot down, to assert the control over his wife's body that was provided in marriage - but that wasn't him, and this was the Island. He wouldn't ever make Jane do something she didn't want to do - and he couldn't keep her from doing something she wanted to, either.

"I may not like it, but if this is something you want to do - if you're sure - then I'm here to help however I can."
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It seemed to him like she'd already done some serious considering of it, but he wasn't going to argue the point. "There's no rush, not if it's going to exhaust you." He said, concerned. "When you're ready, after, that's good enough for me."
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"Yeah?" He asked, because he would always worry, but she was really the authority on this. "Well, I think she can handle one more added to the mix." He had to smile at the thought of that, of their family.

The smile disappeared at her next words. "No, that'd be worse. I don't want to be kept out of the loop - if you're in, I'm in."
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His brow furrowed. "Yeah." He liked them, the doc and Kirk, but when it came to the two of them fathering a child through Jane things got complicated. He rubbed the back of his neck. "That'll be a hellova conversation."
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He didn't like that it would mean entwining their lives even more with the men with whom they were already starting to have a complicated relationship - but it did make sense to arrange for something that would benefit their family in return. And as far as doctors went, Lipton did think pretty damn highly of Dr. McCoy.

"I don't know that my views will change, Jane, no matter who I talk to or for how long. I'm going to try to be open-minded, but I can't promise that I'll think any differently." He shook his head, squeezing her hand, hating that they didn't see eye-to-eye on this. "But it's a good idea to ask that in exchange."