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Jane Bennet ([personal profile] bennet_beauty) wrote2013-05-19 09:45 pm

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It was unfathomable.

It was impossible. The news reached Jane with alacrity and she could not recall a time in recent history that could compare to the anguish that ripped through her. The details were scarce, but what she knew was enough to make her panic. Carwood and Lydia had been out for the day and Carwood was injured and there was no news of her daughter. Stricken of all other thoughts, Jane threw on whatever clothes she had presently and ran as quickly as she could for the clinic, not stopping a single moment though her breathing suffered for it.

When she arrived, she covered her mouth as a sob of relief assaulted her to see Carwood breathing. She launched herself from the door to his bedside and wrapped her arms around him, burying her tears in his chest. "Carwood," she wept. "Carwood, where is Lydia?" she demanded, the world blurred behind her tears and her words high and girlish. She was so scared and her daughter was not with her husband, where was her daughter? "Carwood," she pleaded, breath hitching in her throat. "Carwood, where is Lydia?" she demanded, words barely more than a hyperventilated exhalation. "Where is our daughter?"

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