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It was unfathomable.

It was impossible. The news reached Jane with alacrity and she could not recall a time in recent history that could compare to the anguish that ripped through her. The details were scarce, but what she knew was enough to make her panic. Carwood and Lydia had been out for the day and Carwood was injured and there was no news of her daughter. Stricken of all other thoughts, Jane threw on whatever clothes she had presently and ran as quickly as she could for the clinic, not stopping a single moment though her breathing suffered for it.

When she arrived, she covered her mouth as a sob of relief assaulted her to see Carwood breathing. She launched herself from the door to his bedside and wrapped her arms around him, burying her tears in his chest. "Carwood," she wept. "Carwood, where is Lydia?" she demanded, the world blurred behind her tears and her words high and girlish. She was so scared and her daughter was not with her husband, where was her daughter? "Carwood," she pleaded, breath hitching in her throat. "Carwood, where is Lydia?" she demanded, words barely more than a hyperventilated exhalation. "Where is our daughter?"
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He refused to sit, at the clinic - he'd allowed someone to wipe the blood off his face to to tape a bandage over the gash the rock had left, but he hadn't allowed them to stitch him up, or to look at the bruising that likely was blooming under his shirt.

He didn't need to be told that he was concussed. He wasn't quite steady on his feet, his thoughts were thick and slower than he was used to, his ears were ringing, and he couldn't fully remember the moments leading up to his impact with the rock.

But he could remember enough.

So he stood, heart in his throat, silent and face still as Jane came to him, the aches of his head and body as she held him not nearly enough for what he felt he deserved. "They took her," he said, and it barely sounded like his voice to his ears, his guilt and shame and horror at what happened a living thing in his chest.
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His arms went around her, his heart breaking further at her panic and his inability to help.

"I don't know," he said, and it physically pained him to speak those words. "I don't-"

Because he didn't know. He'd let something violently take their daughter away. He'd failed his fundamental responsibility as a husband and father to protect his children. "I'm sorry, Jane, I'm so sorry-" His eyes were wet, his hands shaking.
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"We will find her," he said, determined, pressing a kiss to her hair. "The ITF will help, the IPF, too, and whoever else I can enlist to help. We'll find her, Jane." His voice wasn't quite steady, as most of him wasn't at that particular moment, but he meant it.
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"It's nothing," he said, because he'd had worse. "Just a bump on the head, but I blacked out for a little bit." And when he woke up, Lydia was gone. "Not enough to keep my from finding her."
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"It looked like something from Rapture: metal suit, unnatural powers, " he said, keeping her close. "And Ducky and Em - they're somewhere safe?"
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He didn't want to wait to see them, not now when his confidence in his ability to keep his family safe was so shaken. "Show me where," he said, gripping her hand in his.
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He didn't want to admit to her how hurt he was, how he wasn't sure he could have stayed on his feet if she hadn't been supporting him. His daughter was more important - and he didn't care that Lydia was his stepdaughter, because she was his and Jane's and he loved her.

He did go down on his knees, then, to gather up Duckie in his arms who toddled towards him on his little legs, and kiss Emmy's tiny hand where she lay on her blanket.
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"Yeah," he said, Duckie at his side, hand curled around Emmy. He ached to pick her up and cradle the baby close, but he didn't trust his shaking hands or spinning head with something so fragile. "She - she might not be the only one, Jane."
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He wished he didn't have to tell her. His head pounded, and he closed his eyes for a second, grounding himself. "The thing that took her, it was from Rapture. You know what they're like, the little girls down there." He said it softly.
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He wanted to shake his head but didn't, feeling too ill to risk it. He merely lowered his head a little and momentarily closed his eyes, unable to come up with a reasonable answer. "I don't know, but people need to know to get their little girls somewhere safe." He was difficult for him to say, the words thick in his mouth, because he hadn't been able to do that for his little girl.
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"Yeah," he said, torn between wanting to stay with her and the children, to protect them the way he couldn't protect Lydia, and going and searching for Lydia. He pressed a kiss to Duckie's cheek, and leaned down to kiss Emmy.