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Dated March 20th

After birthing two children in the privacy of her own home, Jane had planned to be at the clinic this time. She had grown used to the modernity of the clinic and appreciative of all its trappings. Still, some things you could not plan and the unexpected nature of the third child was one of those things. Jane stared down at the mess she had made in the lobby, breathing out sharply as she realized what was to come.

She felt rather nervous for even though she had done it before, it was still a terrifying notion to know what was coming. "Lydia," she said calmly, turning to her youngest. "Will you take Duckie and make your way to the Compound? Make sure you are both there safely and please check in with an adult, tell them I sent you," she said, offering her child a gentle smile. "I will walk with you some of the way."

She watched Lydia take Duckie in her arms when the Compound was in sight, carefully making their way and though she did not like to leave them alone, she knew that it was best they not see Jane as she made her way through the earliest stages of the pregnancy. Once they were inside, she lifted the skirts and made her way to the Boarding House, breathing heavily as she went.

Once inside, she calmly went to the office, hoping not to disturb anyone. "Carwood?" she said, calm as she could. "Are you busy? I require your aid."
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He was at the desk, going through some of the plans they had from when the Boarding House was built. The Island's weather wasn't perfect, much less the magical flurries and windstorms that could take place without a moment's warning, and the wooden walls took a building. He went over the place with a fine tooth comb once and awhile, making sure everything was as sturdy and safe as it could possibly be.

He looked up at the sound of his wife's voice, ready to help her in whatever way she needed, but after one look at her he was on his feet, his chair scraping back on the floor with a screech. He didn't panic - he was a good man in a crisis, at least he knew that. "To the clinic?" He asked, moving to her side immediately. He could almost guarantee that the answer was yes, as he knew what they had planned, but he would still defer to her in these matters, always.
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"Good, good," he said, slipping his arm around her for comfort and support. He knew the Children's Office would take good care of Duckie and Lydia, and that the two were quite fond of the staff. Still, a part of him wanted to keep them close at a time like this, welcoming a new member into the family, but he knew that it would be best if they only saw the result, rather than the trials that came before.

"That's alright," he squeezed her hand, reassuring as he guided them towards the clinic. "It takes what it takes, we'll still have our little miracle in the end."
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"I suspect most women would agree," he said softly, his own face drawn as he watched her clutch her skirts through the contractions. No one liked to see their loved ones in pain, and he was no different. "I certainly don't think it makes you any less of a wonderful mother."

God, he loved her so much - and while he wouldn't say a word of worry at a moment like this, his mind was remembering just how many things he'd read about what could go wrong for the child and mother during birth. He was terrified that something would happen and he'd be worthless - but there was no reason to think things wouldn't go perfectly.
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"And Duckie too, I hope." He said warmly, wishing there was someone about that he could charge with running ahead to tell the clinic and Jane's doctor that they were coming.

"I couldn't possibly be more ready - her room's all made up, I'm well-rested for the interrupted nights ahead, and I've been carrying around a celebratory cigar in my pocket for weeks just in case." He reached into his pocket to show her with a smile, knowing she was already aware that they'd been part of his gift from the Island this year.
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He looked at her fondly, kissing the edge of her palm where it rested against his cheek.

He frowned slightly, thinking. "Wednesday - might be Dr. Cooper. I can fetch who you'd like, though, when we get there; I'm sure they won't mind."
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Lipton's brow furrowed, sorry for that as well. She'd had her mother here, once, and her sister and brother-in-law. He alone was no replacement for family and friends from home, and he knew that. There were always disappearances on the island, of course, Lipton knew that as well as anybody given that he was the only member of Easy Company left, and Jane knew that especially, given that she had been here for years longer than most. But the Doctor's disappearance had shaken Jane, and there was little Lipton could do.

"Oh, sweetheart." He pressed a kiss to her cheek, his arm around her drawing her close. "I wish for that as well - they'd love to have been here for you."
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"I hope more than somewhat," he said with a half smile that didn't quite reach his worried eyes, holding her hand tight through the contraction.

"I'm whatever you need, Jane."
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He looked up, judging how far away the clinic was. He could just see it through the trees. "Only a little bit further, alright? You're doin' real great." He kept his arm around her, close and reassuring, his voice calm, but his heart was beating as if he'd just run Currahee.
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"Yeah," he said, without hesitation, because even though he was likely strong enough, he also knew from experience that the body could accomplish almost any feat with adrenaline and concern for loved ones. "But you'll make it, you're doin' just fine." He refused to admit how his heart clenched at her words - this was something he had no control over, and he was terrified.
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"If you'll have me." He'd struggled, with Duckie, with whether or not he should be in the room. Both in his time and in Jane's a man's place during childbirth was firmly out of the way, pacing in a hallway somewhere, rather than beside his wife. That wasn't the case here, though, and Lipton was understandably reluctant to leave Jane when she was both in pain and bringing their child into the world.
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Lipton pushed the doors open and called for a doctor, not releasing his grip on Jane. At her word, he was now determined to stay close, and they wouldn't be able to pry him off with a crowbar.

"She seems eager enough to join us, so I think you have God's hand behind you in that hope."
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"Your sister and mine," he repeated their logic, matching her smile with his own, grateful for such a tender moment at such a stressful time. "Elizabeth Mary Lipton."
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"That's why it's perfect," he assured her, taking her hands and holding on tight, his forehead furrowed in concern. "Although we'll need to have a Kitty to complete the whole set on your end." He added, hoping to help distract her from the pain.
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He chuckled, nodding. "Yes, dear, that's definitely an option!" The stress of Jane in labour was enough to put a damper on any thoughts of going through it again in the future, at least for now.
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"Yes ma'am," he said, pressing a kiss to her forehead as he stood up to follow that order, determined to be back as soon as he could.