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It was a strange sound that roused Jane from her sewing in the mid-afternoon. The weather outside had taken a turn for the frightful and she was not yet accustomed to having so many floors of a building as their home. It was taking some getting used to, to be sure. The bedrooms seemed to have remained on the same floor, but it required stairs to go to other places in her house -- such as the ballroom and the kitchen.

This sound, however, was coming from the bedroom of the children and it was not Lydia's voice.

Warily, Jane roused herself to her feet. "Carwood?" she summoned. "Carwood, are you busy at the moment?" It was best to investigate in numbers, she believed. If something was amiss or if someone had managed to break in, she wished for the aid.
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Lipton looked up from the wood he'd been sanding. It would be another bed, eventually. One that would be suitable for a growing little boy to continue to grow into. Richard wasn't ready for it yet, of course, but that just gave Lipton time to carve the wood to his satisfaction in his spare moments.

"Nah, it can wait. What's up?" He put the post he was working on down, absently brushing his hands off on his trousers.
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He brow furrowed, but he wasn't particularly worried. Jane would seem more alarmed than bemused if she thought there were an intruder in the house. "Huh," he stood and joined her, a hand absently resting on her lower back.

He caught the faint sound of voices, and smiled. "Is that who I think it is?"
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Lipton had to pause and calculate how old Duckie was, given how quickly timed seemed to fly with young children around. "Thereabouts," he said, rubbing the back off is neck, grinning at Jane - excited and proud for his son.

He peered around the doorframe, at Lydia siting on the floor and playing with a babbling Duckie.
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Lipton grinned, leaning in to press a kiss to his head. "Our brilliant boy," he stood close, so proud he could burst. "Two first words, how about that, huh?"
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"But he's our little troublemaker, that's for sure." Lipton tickled one of his tiny feet, and looked over his shoulder at Lydia.

"Good thing we've got you to help keep him in line, hey Liddy?" He said warmly, and she stood to join them, peering up at her little brother.
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Lipton chuckled, lifting her up easily into his arms. "I bet. We'll have to all exercise our vocabularies some to help the process along."

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Lipton smiled softly at Lydia, having caught Jane's drift. He glanced over one last time, as if for permission, before sharing their family's latest news.

"Because you're going to have another little brother or sister." He said, his voice betraying just how pleased he was by that fact.
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Lipton rubbed a hand up and down Lydia's back, soothing and affectionate. "Your Mama and I have alotta love in us. Enough for you, enough for Duckie, and enough for whoever else comes along. You don't have to worry about that."

Lydia still didn't looked quite convinced, and for his part Duckie added a string of vowel-heavy nonsense words, peppered with a 'no' on the end that may or may not have had anything to do with the conversation at hand.

"I was the oldest in my family, too." He added, knowing Liddy was imagining another baby as energetic as Duckie for her to help look after. "It's a pretty special job."