Feb. 8th, 2014

bennet_beauty: (hoping: by epicons)
Jane felt that perhaps Carwood would be able to sense that something was amiss as soon as Jane began to come to bed later or sometimes sleeping in one of the children's rooms. In fact, it was as soon as her mind had moved from the tentative place of not knowing precisely what she was going to do into that utter certainty that she felt wary about how she was going to tell Carwood what she wanted.

She knew that he would support the decision, but that things would likely be strained between the two of them and she did not like the notion of being in such discord with her husband, especially when they had been so complacent and worked so well together for so long.

Perhaps, though, it was good to have their marriage tested to see where the seams might split. For if they did not evaluate and fix such areas now, what would happen if something terrible happened. Jane lingered in Lydia's room that night, watching her daughter with fondness, yet always holding that fear that had lingered since Rapture.

She would tell Carwood tonight. She would face the consequences.


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