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It felt terribly odd to be at this appointment alone.

Jane had dropped off the children to the office so that they would be well-cared for before affixing a coat upon her shoulders and making her way to the remote clinic so that she was somewhat apart from the general civilization. She did wish that Carwood were here, but he was not and it left her to be checked out wholly on her own. Perhaps there would be something quick to prescribe to calm her nerves, as she hoped that the situation would resolve, but continued not to do so.

She arrived, fraught as ever, and entered the clinic. "Hello?" she called out demurely. "Doctor? Nurse? Anyone? I've come for counsel."
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Rollie is just drying his hands when he turns around to find Jane there at the door. "Have a seat," he says, both to be hospitable and because she does look a little pale, if not in distress. "What can I do for you?"
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"Problems with your memory?" Rollie says immediately, dropping the towel in the laundry and moving to crouch down next to her. "When did it start?"
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"Could just be stress," says Rollie. "It's certainly a stressful situation, especially with kids. But let me take a look at you. Has it just been since the memory problems started?"
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Probably just stress, then, but Rollie urges her up onto the examining table all the same to run a few tests. "I'm just going to ask you a few standard questions," he said, "while I check your vitals. Have you changed anything in your diet lately?"
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"No, that's not really a major change," he says, moving to check her blood pressure. "Are you pregnant, or is there any chance you could be?"
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"Well, it's one of several possibilities," says Rollie. "I'll have to bring you up to the compound to run the test to be sure. You already have, what, two kids, right? Seems like it might be likelier than you think."
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"Yeah, but imagine how he'll feel when he's back to himself again and returns to that kind of good news," says Rollie. And it's the island, so he absolutely thinks it's going to pass. He just doesn't know when. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves. I want to check you out thoroughly. But you might want to start getting used to the idea that it's a strong contender."
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"Of course," says Rollie. He'd never turn down a patient, unless he thought he couldn't do the job, and he'd especially never turn down someone when it's actually a happy condition. There are so few of those. "You have nothing to worry about, Jane. Now let's get this all figured out."