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Jane Bennet ([personal profile] bennet_beauty) wrote2012-04-29 12:54 pm
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Lydia had insisted upon two stories before bed this evening. Jane, never one to deny her children anything that they requested, had patiently read through the books, providing the voices with as much steady enthusiasm as she could bear. Once her eldest was asleep, Jane made her way to Duckie's room in order to change him, feed him, and ensure that he was well-content. As ever, he wriggled and babbled as she worked, but she had grown to find his state of unrest a fond thing. It reminded her, almost, of Kitty and Lydia and she thought that at least Richard would never hurt for activity.

An hour later, she was quite ready for bed herself, though the hour was still early. Still, Jane marked the day as a success. She was tired, yes, but had the presence of mind to still be thoughtful and alert. Her body did not ache as it had in the early days, which made her grateful that the worst of Duckie's infancy seemed to be over. With such a thought came others, but they were not plans to be made on her own.

Upon reaching her shared room with Carwood, Jane set to undressing as her mind ruminated on the possibility it had happened upon. Her fingers brushed against the corset once her linens were off and she cast a gaze through the large room. "Carwood?" she called, softly so as not to wake the children. "May I request your help?"

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