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Lydia had insisted upon two stories before bed this evening. Jane, never one to deny her children anything that they requested, had patiently read through the books, providing the voices with as much steady enthusiasm as she could bear. Once her eldest was asleep, Jane made her way to Duckie's room in order to change him, feed him, and ensure that he was well-content. As ever, he wriggled and babbled as she worked, but she had grown to find his state of unrest a fond thing. It reminded her, almost, of Kitty and Lydia and she thought that at least Richard would never hurt for activity.

An hour later, she was quite ready for bed herself, though the hour was still early. Still, Jane marked the day as a success. She was tired, yes, but had the presence of mind to still be thoughtful and alert. Her body did not ache as it had in the early days, which made her grateful that the worst of Duckie's infancy seemed to be over. With such a thought came others, but they were not plans to be made on her own.

Upon reaching her shared room with Carwood, Jane set to undressing as her mind ruminated on the possibility it had happened upon. Her fingers brushed against the corset once her linens were off and she cast a gaze through the large room. "Carwood?" she called, softly so as not to wake the children. "May I request your help?"
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He moved across the room, hands easily finding her waist and leaning in to press a kiss to the back of her neck, the soft hairs there brushing against his lips. "Of course, dear." He didn't mind at all. With everything else in their lives, their various commitments and Lydia and Richard, he wouldn't pass up a chance to help undress his wife, not when she was still the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen.
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He moved the hooks, one by one, familiar with the process by now. The girdles and underthings his sisters had complained about unstrapping back home really paled in comparison to what Jane wore, but he was getting pretty good at manoeuvring the little clasps. "Good, good. I checked in on the Boarding House - not falling to pieces quite yet, you'll be happy to know." He finished the hooks, the garment falling away and he put it aside. His hands moved to her shoulders, and he pressed another kiss to one soft shoulder blade. "Yours?"
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"Thanks, I'll grab some tomorrow." He put his arms around her as she turned towards him, hands comfortably on her lower back, just above the curve of her rear. "Oh, he's still an energetic little guy." Lipton followed her train of thought, his children constantly near enough to his mind that the change in topic barely registered. "But he's sleeping through the night, more or less, and that's all on the up and up."
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"Hmm?" He was a quick-minded sort of guy, but it took him a moment to grasp exactly what she meant, but then a smile broke out on his face and his eyes crinkled towards the edges. "Another little one, huh?" His grip on her tightened, just a little, drawing her slightly closer. "I think I could find it within myself to forgive you."
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"Yeah," he said, without needing much thought, pulling her in to be flush against him, her curves soft and familiar against him beneath her thin undergarment. "I want that, too. I want you, and Liddy, and Duckie, and whatever other little ones God hands over to us. Even if they're even more spirited than Richard." He pressed a kiss to her temple, lingering close to her.
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"Oh, I'm sure even a guy like Dick Winters was a handful for his mother at some point." Lipton grinned, because he admired the man more than anything, but he'd still managed to piss a few people in the army off. He tugged her with him towards their bed, not too inclined to take his hands off his wife now that they had a moment between them.
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Lipton thought the world of Winters, but with his Jane in his arms he couldn't be faulted from letting that thread of conversation fall by the wayside. "Might as well," he said, good-naturedly with a smile tugging at his lips, leaning in to press a line of kisses down her jawline. He felt the edge of the mattress at the back of his legs at sat down, tugging her down with him onto his lap.
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He settled his hands around her hips where they sat on the edge of the bed, facing her. "Alright." He said, agreeably, because he'd always been a patient man.

"Were we to start right away, hypothetically," he tucked a strand of blonde hair behind her ear, giving her a tilted smile. "Duckie would be a year and a half old. Lydia would be five and a half. That's not a bad gap in years - my siblings and I were all two-odd years and it worked out just fine."
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He nodded, right thumb brushing lightly over her hipbone. "And Liddy would be fully a child and no longer an infant herself, to help with Duckie." She was already an earnest helper, keen to imitate her mother's maternal role.

His hairline wasn't looking too promising these days, but he wasn't the sort to be too concerned by it. He'd never really thought all that much of his looks to begin with.

"We already have one of each, huh?" He knew Lydia wasn't more than his stepdaughter, but he considered her his own daughter after three years. "Another of either would be great."
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"I'm sure Sonya could give us some tips, in that case." He said with a chuckle, because he knew Sonya and Hanzo had their hands full. Still, having two babies instead of one couldn't seem like a bad thing to him - he and Jane wanted a big family, after all. "But I guess I'd love them twice as much."
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"Nor mine," he said, thinking back. As far as he knew, anyway. "But miracles happen." He smiled at her, confident of their ability to handle together anything fate or God might have in store. The Island itself was less predictable, but as long as he had Jane he was willing to make quite a few allowances for Island craziness.
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"Well, there's science there too, I suppose." He said with an easy and warm smile, because he couldn't help thinking of any children of his with Jane as pretty miraculous. "I'm sorry for the side-effects," he said, honestly, because he sharply hated that part of the process, when Jane got sick daily and he could do nothing but watch, and then when the baby came and he was gripped with fear for her and the child.
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He frowned, shaking his head. "No, dear - I only mean I don't like to see you sick and in pain."

He couldn't imagine finding Jane unappealing, just because of a few changes - he thought her lovely, of course, but there was so much more he found beautiful about her than just that.

"You're gorgeous, even more now than when we met." He'd always been a straightforward sort of man, and he'd never considered himself all that great with words. "Your Mama was a very wise woman, but I think I can speak for myself in terms of how desirable your husband finds you." And then he kissed her deeply, with his hand smoothing up her thigh, to support his words.