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It seemed that no matter what period that the island did connive to throw upon her, Jane never did find herself feeling at home. It was the future or some version of it and though Jane always did her best to adjust without a word of complaint, she found herself quietly disappointed that it was always her that must change and never the other way around. She took quiet solace in the fact that at least she knew the layout of the city (it was much unchanged from the summers she spent with her Aunt and Uncle) and that the clothes were similar to what she had worn for so long. She welcomed back the use of corsets and was delighted that she was able to dress her children as her Mama had done.

Though, now, she wished that she had not put Liddy in such a nice dress or given Duckie such a good shirt. Jane's daughter was careening down the sidewalks (the icy sidewalks) and Duckie continued to drool apace upon the good fabric, no matter how much Jane tried to stem the flow.

"Lydia!" Jane called ahead, as sharp as she ever dared. "Papa will be very cross if you break your neck, you know."
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"Whoa there," I say quietly, as a young girl laughs and heads straight in my direction, the wobble of her steps easily suggesting that she's not nearly as prepared for the slick ice as she might think. The quick slip of her heel against the sidewalk and her arms immediately reaching out to grab at air prompts me to action, stepping quickly forward— losing my top hat in the ptocess— and grabbing onto a small elbow to keep her properly on her feet. There are some impulses and reflexes when it comes to children, apparently, that surface in spite of my lack of experience with those as young as the girl now blinking up in my direction.

"Careful," I tell her. "You could've hurt yourself pretty badly there."
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In the years since my return to Gotham, I've raised three sons and a daughter. I've started to acquaint myself with a fourth. When people ask of my experience with children, I generally have nothing to say but words in my defense, for all that I feel I know of children and their impetuosity, but the truth of the matter is htat I haven't known a child that young to any meaningful degree since I was a child myself. Since before my parents died. She looks up to me with complete faith, even wonder— and all I had to do was save her from a tumble on the ice.

"There's no need to apologize," I reply to her mother, casting her a look of reassurance. No harm done. "If anything, I should be thanking you and the young miss. It's not every day that I get to be a hero." I turn my gaze back on the girl, smiling warmly.

"Besides, a bit of reading and imagination is good for anyone," I assert, brushing a bit of snow from the girl's shoulder. "Isn't that right?"
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"Well, I hope that a prince of your very own comes someday to give a princess to his princess, then." Touching my index finger briefly to the tip of the girl's noise, I glance up towards her mother, a hand resting lightly on her daughter's shoulder, mostly in an effort to keep her from running off through the snow again without alerting my attention. Dangers are easily forgotten by children, after all. But with the look on her mother's face, I decide that the girl isn't the only one who needs a moment or two to collect herself.

"Do you need a hand, perhaps?" I offer. "Your hands would be full enough dealing with the ice, let alone two young children, and I don't have anything better I'm doing with my time."
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It's the type of thing a man might wish to have a top hat around for, just to maintain the appearance, but I make do with a bow of my head in each one of their directions, including the little sir. (It's Alfred's voice that sounds to me in the back of my mind, reminding me that even those family members who may not know to acknowledge being addressed deserve to still have their names announced in turn.) Seeing the way that her daughter, Lydia, seems taken with me for the moment, I turn to her with a smile, wondering what my next step ought to be. It's fortunate that I've been dragged out to the movies on a semi-regular basis, for now I raise her hand to my lips and press a brush there. "It's a pleasure to meet you, milady," I greet Lydia, before standing to similarly hold Jane's hand in my palm— making no move to give her a kiss, however.

"And Ms. Lipton, yourself as well. That's two fine children that you've got on your hands," I remark, glancing down at Lydia again and holding out my hand, in case she wants to take it.
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My grip on Lydia's hand is gentle, but steady. In this case, it isn't so much a desire to keep up appearances that leaves me concerned, but instead the very real possibility that she might trip in this weather. She doesn't seem too upset with the arrangement, which I suppose is fortunate, nor seems to overly mind when the conversation narrows to being between Jane and myself. "Bruce Wayne," I offer at last, suspecting that she won't have heard the name unless she happens to be a close friend of Jason's, or perhaps Stephanie's. Apparently, more of the family has also been on the island before, although as far as I'm aware, neither Damian nor myself have ever been prior to now.

"I do accept the affection humbly," I smile, "and as for my destination, originally I'd been off to the butcher's shop, in fact. Hoping to find a place that sells round beef, instead of ground."