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Ever since Carwood had returned from the strange sleep that had once afflicted her, Jane had been most concerned with him. It had not been long, but she still felt as though something must have happened. Sonya had even asked her and she was not sure what to think. And so, she set about dinner that evening with the clear goal in mind of wishing to speak.

She sat Lydia down to eat earlier, making sure that all of her vegetables and meat was cleared before allowing her to go off and play with Lady, pressing a kiss to her daughter's cheek. When she was gone, she set the table for herself and Carwood, a hand pressed to her growing-stomach to ease her movement around the kitchen.

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He'd been finishing up a few things at the Boarding House, so he shut the door behind him with an eye to the kitchen and a mind to the fact that he was near to being late. It was somewhat of a surprise to see the table only set for two, but he didn't dwell on it before slipping a hand around her waist and leaning in to press a kiss to her temple. "Evening, dear."

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"Of course," He assured her immediately, even as his forehead creased with worry. "Is everything alright?" His eyes moved to the baby, then back up to her face, wondering what sort of 'adult topic' it could be. He gestured to their seats, his hand slipping into hers.

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He brushed his thumb over the back of her hand, wondering how to answer. He'd hadn't wanted to bring it up, hadn't wanted to worry her, not when it had been such a rough few days. He'd always been a man who played things close to the chest, and it didn't seem right to worry her when it appeared no more than a dream from this side.

And yet here he was worrying her, despite his best efforts. Besides, he'd never been trying to keep it from her, just... ignoring it.

"Yeah," He said, looking at her. "Alright. You remember when we woke up in Huntington last year?"

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"I woke up in Sonya's world," He explained, and wondered how the hell to explain it all. "At the start of a war, it..." He'd gotten pretty good at talking about his own war, putting it into terms he and others could understand, a way that didn't bring things back too strongly or misrepresent what really happened. He shook his head. "There was all sorts of demons and magic that I'd never seen before."

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He shook his head. "I was pretty banged up - we all were. We were there for about a week, and couldn't catch a break. Some of Sonya's friends didn't make it." It was a bit of a stretch calling Cage a friend of Sonya's, but it seemed only fair to be generous as to a dead man's esteem among his comrades. "But I was fine. More worried about getting back to you and the kids than anything else." He gave her a small smile and shifted his hand to hold hers.

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He chuckled softly. "Sweet girl," He said, affectionately, even if he felt guilty that he should worry and draw the attentions of more than one of his loved ones for three days. "Takes after his mama."

And that brought up the worst part of all. He looked down at their hands, then glanced back up to meet her eyes. "You were there," He said simply, remembering just how shaken to the core he'd been. "Not really you - a magician in your shape - but it looked like you. I thought it was you."

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"One of our group was wounded," he explained, thumb running over the back of her hand, and you - I mean, the false version - tried to convince us to leave him." He shook his head.

"It wasn't really you," he assured her, even if he'd been fooled.

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"You were lovely," he said, and his own voice sounded painful to his own ears. "I thought you'd shown up just like Sonya, Hanzo and I had."

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He couldn't help himself - he leant across the table and pressed a kiss to her lips. "I couldn't be more glad of that." He said, low and honest.

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There had been a moment, when he'd woken up after the whole ordeal and drawn her into her arms, horribly relieved to be back, that he'd stared at her and desperately hoped that she was real. It hadn't taken long to convince him, as his suprise and worry at finding her the first time had clouded his judgement. In retrospect, her speech and behaviour hadn't been quite right, but at the time he'd just thought it was her disorientation at the situation. "No, I should have known that it wasn't you. And I know you're real." He smiled at her softly.

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With the hand not still holding hers, his hand curled around her cheek, thumb brushing her soft skin and his fingers her hair. "Just being yourself has been more than enough," he murmured against her lips, mind already slipping away from those dark, desperate few days and towards his beautiful wife. "But if dinner can wait, I've got a few particular things in mind."

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He drew her closer, smiling his pleasure at her statement, deepening the kiss. Then he rose from the table, pulling her gently up with him. "Care to accompany me upstairs, Mrs. Lipton, if dinner can keep for awhile?"