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It did seem a strange and happy coincidence. Jane herself was pregnant and Lady was at the same time. Though, Jane felt remiss in that she had not noticed her own dog was pregnant until very nearly the end. She had departed from Dr. Magnus' clinic with the news that Lady would be giving birth quite soon and that she would have a litter to contend with.

Jane, crouched in front of her dog, studied her with worry. "I do not wish you to think me a terrible owner," she expressed her concerns to an animal that she knew could not return her words. She felt a duty to apologize, nonetheless. "We shall find a home for your darling pups, I promise you," she insisted, looking to the path behind her and thinking of what might be an option.

Perhaps she might advertise. Or perhaps she would be lucky enough to bless her friends with the gift of a new pet and joy in their lives.
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Olive was out for a walk when she spotted the woman and dog. There was something familiar about the one, but it was the other that really caught her attention; she broke into a broad smile as she approached. "Oh, what a sweet dog," she cooed. "She's so adorable."
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"Oh, well, we have that in common," laughed Olive, crouching down a little to pet the dog now she'd shown her approval. She'd always been good with dogs and it seemed like they'd always had one at home as long as she could remember; it made her hut feel empty now. It would have anyway without her parents or brothers, but it was just one more empty space she didn't know how to fill. "I feel the same way. I'm Olive. It's so nice to meet you both."
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That was just maybe the cutest thing Olive had ever heard. "Oh my god," she said, hand raising to her heart, "congratulations! Both of you, wow, that is — that is so great." She let out a little exhale, smiling warmly, halfway to outright cooing over the pair of them. "Puppies and a baby."
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"Especially with a kid on the way, huh?" Olive said. She had been old enough when Chip came to the family that she remembered all the fuss clearly, and they'd only had the one dog at the time. It sounded as if Jane had more than that. "Well, I'm sure you'll find plenty of takers. Who doesn't love puppies? And Lady is so gorgeous, I bet her babies will be so adorable. I think we pretty much always had a dog at home. Like, as far back as I can remember."
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"No," Olive said, wistful. "I wish. Mine — ours, she was, you know, the whole family's, Stevie — she was at home when I turned up here, so it's just me." It occurred to her then that a puppy like this would be perfect, especially when Lady seemed so sweet and gentle, but she didn't know if it was something she should ask about quite yet.
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Olive brightened immediately, trying not to nod too eagerly. "I, I would love to," she said, "yes, thank you, oh my god. That would be wonderful." She hadn't wanted to be rude, hadn't been sure how it would be perceived when Jane surely had tons of friends who would want them, but there was no way she could turn down an offer like that. "It's just so nice to have a dog around the house. Makes it feel a little more like home, you know?"
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"No way," Olive said, delighted by the description. "You weren't kidding about having a lot of animals. Sugar gliders? That is so cool. Oh my god, wow. Uh, yeah, no, I'm, I'd be totally happy to take one of them, I'd love it. And if you still need homes for them, I bet I know people who would love to have a puppy of their own."
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"No, please, I'm so happy to," Olive said quickly, beaming under the praise. A puppy was reward in itself, but to know she was being of help to someone, especially someone who seemed as sweet as Jane, was just about as good, really. She liked being useful to others. "It'll make me so happy to have one. And I'll see if I know anyone who'll want the other." She had plenty of friends, so it seemed entirely doable. "When's the baby due?"
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Olive was reminded briefly of Maryanne (though Jane was nothing but kind. It was just the piety implied reminded her of her own ordeal, but she couldn't blame God for the cruelties of His more extreme disciples). "Wow, yeah, I bet," she said. "One kid has to be a handful as it is. I remember when we got my brother, it was crazy. And I was already like eight, so. How old is yours?"
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"I'm sure she'll love it," Olive said, earnest, though she suspected she was biased on the matter. "It takes some getting used to and she, uh, may not want to share you, but... she'll love her new sibling. I have two brothers and they're just, God, you know, I love 'em. They drive me crazy, but I love 'em."
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"Oh, no," Olive said, shaking her head. "I wish they were, they'd both love it. But uh, no, unfortunately, it's just me." She wished so much that weren't the case, but since it was, all she could do was her best to bear up under the homesickness. Sooner or later, she would get home to them; she just had to hope it was sooner and try to be okay until then.
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"You don't think they're back at home where they were before?" Olive asked, curious. She'd heard a lot of people's beliefs about how all this work, and while they mostly went hand in hand, some people had interesting theories. She wondered if this was a case of that or simply Jane reassuring herself in her own absence. If she had a daughter here, she'd probably been here a long time.
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Olive's eyes widen slightly as she nods. "Your, your sister Lydia," she says, as if for clarification. "You named your daughter for her? That's so sweet. That's... four of you, then, right? Wow, yeah, that... sounds like a lot of work for your mother."

Dear Lord, dear Jesus, I should have realized just because she looks so much like the girl in the Keira Knightley version of the movie, but Jane's such a common name, it somehow just, it didn't click, and now I feel kind of dumb for it, but oh my God. Oh my God. Jane freaking Bennet is giving me a puppy. Every time I think this place can't get any cooler, it does.
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"I'm sure she's fine," Olive said, though she didn't really know anything for certain. It seemed like the right thing to say, though. "And that it'll be wonderful whichever the baby is. Carwood's your husband?"
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"I'm sorry about your first," Olive said, and though the words were the obvious thing to say, they were sincere. She had to wonder what had taken him, if he'd died or just vanished like everyone said people did. "But yeah, wow, congratulations. Nine months, that's so great. I bet it just flew by, too."
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Olive nodded, although she couldn't remember having had a single such day since arriving here. She had enjoyed herself, she had enjoyed the things she'd seen and she liked the people around here, felt she was lucky to know them and to have these extraordinary experiences, but the luckiest she'd ever been had just been being at home with her family. While she hadn't always appreciated them as much as she did now, she knew she was fortunate to have these parents, these siblings. "Yeah," she said, "yeah, I do. When, like, everything's clicked into place and you don't really know how, but it's just... unbelievably good fortune to be who you are right. Yeah, I have those."