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[For Norrington]

Every other day, Jane devoted hours of her time to the boarding house. It was a task that she took small indulgences in, for it was still Stuart's project. Now, simply, Carwood aided her and they kept the home in good condition. She knew that there were new arrivals and she did wish to meet them, arriving with fresh laundry for those that lived there.

"Mister Norrington?" Jane spoke in a polite tone, knocking on his door in the hopes that he was at home so that she might properly introduce herself. "Are you present?"

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Norrington was vaguely familiar with the lady of the house, having met her husband upon his own arrival, but he'd never really had a chance to speak with her or thank her for her hospitality. He opened the door and, seeing her with laundry, moved to help her with it.

"I'll get that, Mrs. Lipton. No need for you to tax yourself on my account, I assure you."

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"Quite all right," Norrington assured her. "I imagine, being the lady of the house, you have many more concerns aside from a bachelor who lets a room from you. Let used loosely, of course, given the lack of currency around here."

Mrs. Lipton made him less nervous than some women, perhaps because she was married and seemed to have the propriety he was used to. She didn't dress in the brief things Miss Burke or Miss Valentine did and she certainly didn't have their speech.

"Is there anything I could offer you in exchange for the room?"

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"I don't mind helping with any repairs that might be needed," Norrington pressed, feeling like the worst sort of man for taking the woman's hospitality without something in exchange. "As a man of the Navy, I'm used to earning my keep. This is very different for me."

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"I suppose I could acquiesce to that request, Mrs. Lipton," Norrington said. He wasn't entirely comfortable in talking about himself, much preferring to keep the topics of conversation on neutral subjects, but in light of her request he could hardly refuse her.

"I came here from Port Royal, in Jamaica. I wouldn't suppose a lady such as yourself ever had occasion to travel there?"

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Norrington followed, happy to have the conversation somewhere more accessible to the both of them.

"I was born in Portsmouth, actually," Norrington admitted. "I've always been a Navy man, even from the time I was very small. I know no other life."

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"No, not really. The Navy was a nice way to see the world," Norrington said, smiling fondly at the memory. "I had hoped to one day marry a fine woman and start a family, but it seems that is not in the stars just yet. This island is enough excitement for the moment."

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Norrington shook his head. "No, actually. I arrived in the beginning of January, when snow was still on the ground. I am still trying to adjust to everything and it is...well, it's very much a paradigm shift to see how much things have changed since my era and this one."

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"It is overwhelming," Norrington admitted, glad there was someone he could admit his fears to. "I have never been a man who's been entirely comfortable with being anything less than capable and here, well. I am trying to learn quickly, but it's a struggle. I would much rather be saddled with what I find familiar."

He smiled a little. "For example, your manner is so comforting. The women here...are much different than what I'm used to."

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"Polite manners go a long way," Norrington agreed. "I'm certain the women here find me bumbling, or cold, but I simply don't understand why a woman would wear such revealing clothing or act as provocative as some of these do."

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"I saw a woman a few weeks ago with a just a few scraps of fabric to cover herself," Norrington said, remembering Miss Valentine's odd dress. "I hardly knew where to look to keep from being impolite."

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"Perhaps that will work for me in future endeavors," Norrington said, tucking that away. "It may make social encounters much easier and less headache-inducing."

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"I assure you, Mrs. Lipton, you are permitted to say or do anything you'd like in my presence," Norrington said warmly. "I wouldn't ever want to make you uncomfortable, especially not in what is, essentially, an extension of your own home and hospitality."

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"That would be lovely, Mrs. Lipton," Norrington said, giving her another easy smile. "And you seem the perfect lady. Your husband is excessively lucky to have you."