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When the month of February arrived, Jane began it worried a terrible deal. Her illness had, as expected, cleared and she was left feeling far more refreshed than she had been in the duration of the cold months. What troubled her, however, was her weight. She had been raised by her Mama's concerns and knew that she must keep her girlish figure.

Recently, it seemed as though she had put on so much more weight than she ought to, taking her daily walks as she did. She sought aid with Dr. House, as she had grown used to consulting others when their professional opinion was needed. It was then that he did her check-up and it was now that she returned home, a look of shock on her face.

Perhaps happiness would soon follow, but at the moment she could not do anything but stand in the front hall as she removed her shoes, so focused on such a small task as Dr. House's news took its time to settle.

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He happened to come into the hall as she was removing her shoes, absently wiping the remains of sawdust off his hands, and noted the preoccupied look on her face. "Welcome back," he said lightly, hand slipping to her lower back as she straitened up and pressing a kiss to her cheek. "News?"

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She looked at him, speechless, and something in his chest stuttered. He grasped her hands, pulling them against his chest and looking her in the eyes. "Is something wrong?" His voice was always steady in a crisis, even when he brow creased with worry.

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His face and demeanor softened at the laugh, the worry leaving his shoulders and his arms wrapping around her, pulling her against him in the entryway. "I shouldn't think so," he said, smiling. "Just more of your curves for me to enjoy."

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"Months?" He repeated, his mind quick enough to put two and two together. He pulled back a little, just enough to see her shining face. "You mean...?" A full smile broke out on his face.

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He kissed her back, despite his smiling, then grasped her hands in his to gently twirl her around so that her back was to his front, so that his hands could slip down to lie softly over her abdomen. He leaned his head against hers, over her shoulder, looking down. "Our baby." He said, delighted and slightly mystified by the reality of it.

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He laughed, cradling her and their child against him, his mind overwhelmed with joy at the new life and their little growing family. "I'm so happy, Jane." He murmurred into her ear, then indulgently pressed a few kisses along her jaw line. "Should we tell Lydia right away?" He uncharacteristically wanted to shout if from the rooftops, but also almost wanted to keep it just between them, at least for a little while, treasuring the knowledge.

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"I think it'll take some getting used to, but that's pretty normal. As long as we assure her we'll love her just as much as the new baby, it should be alright." He only really remembered the birth of his youngest sister when he'd been six, and that had consisted more of tending to the other two than any conversations about it with his parents.

"I'm worried, though," and here his own anxieties about being a step-father came into play. "That she'll feel left out." This being their child, and Stuart being Lydia's father.

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"Of course," He assured her immediately and genuinely, and there was no doubt in his mind that he cared for Lydia as if she were his own. "But surely she'll wonder, despite our assurances." And while the little girl mostly called him Papa these days, he worried that as she grew older that she'd think less of him for not being her real father. He shook his head, kissing her hair line. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have bothered you, especially when we've just gotten such good news!"

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"As do I." He smiled softly at her, then turned around so that he could gather her into his arms. "I'm the luckiest man in the world; a stunning wife, a beautiful daughter, and another one on the way."

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"I'm be more than elated with whatever God and fate choose to bless us with," He said honestly, because he wasn't a petty man. The thought of two little girls with their mama's blonde hair was plenty charming. But maybe it was because he'd lost his own father young, or most men idly dreamed of the day they'd take their son by the shoulder and explain the world to him. "But since I already have a daughter, I'd most like a son."


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