bennet_beauty: (sleeper's paradise: by ?)
Jane Bennet ([personal profile] bennet_beauty) wrote2010-12-28 05:46 pm
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[For Lipton] - Dated mid-January

It had been a terribly long time since Jane had felt as ill as she did. Six months back, she had eaten apples that had been let to sit in the sun far too long and days later, she felt precisely as she did now -- queasy and sweating, paler than normal. She had taken Lydia to the children's office and returned to New Pemberley in order to do precisely as she did the last time -- rest and recover.

She had water at the bedside in order to best replenish and a bucket as well (as she did fear for the worst case).

Two days after the sickness began, Jane began to wonder if the terrible feeling would ever lighten. It seemed to consume her day in and out and she was beginning to feel weak. Her fingers trembled finely as she picked up her water and sipped at it delicately, careful not to shift her blankets too heavily.

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