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[For Lipton] - Dated mid-January

It had been a terribly long time since Jane had felt as ill as she did. Six months back, she had eaten apples that had been let to sit in the sun far too long and days later, she felt precisely as she did now -- queasy and sweating, paler than normal. She had taken Lydia to the children's office and returned to New Pemberley in order to do precisely as she did the last time -- rest and recover.

She had water at the bedside in order to best replenish and a bucket as well (as she did fear for the worst case).

Two days after the sickness began, Jane began to wonder if the terrible feeling would ever lighten. It seemed to consume her day in and out and she was beginning to feel weak. Her fingers trembled finely as she picked up her water and sipped at it delicately, careful not to shift her blankets too heavily.

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Easy hadn't called him a mother hen for nothing. He closed the door softly and as quietly as possible behind him, and drew up to the bed, crouching down to be eye-level with his wife. He reached out to wrap his fingers around the glass, steadying it for her and placing it back on the bedside table when she was done.

"Any better?" He asked softly, concerned.

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He brushed the strands of blonde hair off her face tenderly, knowing her tendency towards playing down her own discomfort. His eyes looked up unconsciously as he thought back to a few days before. "Your scones for breakfast, we were apart for lunch, and then all the same dishes at dinner." He looked back at her, sympathetic to how terrible she felt. "Maybe it's just something going around? The right time of year for influenza."

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"It's all right, Liddy and I will do our best to keep things out of the deep end in the meanwhile." He promised, pressing a kiss to her wrist. "Would you like me to have one of the doctors make a house call?"

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"You're never a bother," He assured her sincerely, a hint of a fond smile turning up the corner of his mouth. "And if Doctor House is in the middle of something, I'm sure we could find another doctor who wouldn't mind." He'd do anything for her, especially if her health was at stake - if that meant tracking down even a reluctant doctor, he would do it, no matter what he had to promise in return.

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"Then I'll stay." He went to her easily, stretching out beside her on the bed with care not to jostle her too much. He wrapped an arm around her gently, kissing her temple. "I'm sure it'll pass soon."

"How long were you sick for?" He asked curiously, fascinated - perhaps mystified would be a better word - by the phenomenon of pregnancy now that they were trying to give Lydia a sibling. He knew the basics, of course, but things like morning sickness weren't discussed in public, especially to young men like him.

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"I'm sorry that our having a child would come at such a price." He said quietly, troubled over the conflicting emotions of both wanting to protect her from such an illness and wanting to start a family with her.

And while he was relieved that she wasn't feeling as terribly as she did back then, and it gave some reassurance that she wouldn't be incapacitated for months, he couldn't help but be disappointed that this wasn't evidence of pregnancy. But there was still plenty of time for that once Jane was feeling better.

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He nodded, still conflicted, but then quickly moved up to gently hold her steady, keeping her hair back from her face and a hand on her back.

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Even sick and pale, he still thought her gorgeous, especially when she looked at him with such hope. He wanted to let himself feel it too, but a sensible warning in his mind to not get his hopes up kept him from getting too caught up too soon. "Then I'd be overjoyed, and it'd be even harder to get me to leave your side."

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He chuckled, shifting to wrap his arms around her. "You might have been pregnant before, but I've never been a father before. For the pregnancy part, anyway." He clarified with a smile, because he already considered Lydia his daughter, by blood or not.

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"Dote on you," He said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, kissing her cheek. "Pay a visit to the bookshelf, to read up on what's in store. And get very nervous and excited." He smiled at her, and it suddenly seemed a distant time when he had to keep everything close to his chest. "Do you really think you might be pregnant, Jane?"

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"As do I," He assured her, perfectly content to have her drawn close in his arms. "Did you go to the clinic for a test, when you were last pregnant?" He asked idly, not about to bundle her up and force her out the door, but plainly curious. Besides, he knew plenty of women from his own time and from generations earlier who relied perfectly fine upon feminine knowledge. As concerned as he was, he was still certain that she knew best about these things, as both the mother of a young daughter and as a woman.

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He saw her movement with the blankets, and helped tuck them up around her as he nodded to her response. "And Stuart," He could respect the man, value him for the way he treated Jane and was a father to Lydia, even if he couldn't entirely help the jealousy he felt in his gut at the thought of him, and was ashamed of it. If Redman were still here, he'd never have been able to have a life with Jane, but that was pointless to think about now, when he was so happy. "What role did he play in these proceedings?"

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"I could do that." He said, with reasonable confidence. Truth be told, he was nervous about the time the child would actually come - and wasn't at all looking forward to Jane being in pain, even pain that would bring a child - but he had time to sort all that out. Perhaps nine months, if Jane was pregnant now, but he refused to hope too fervently. "I'm sorry that more of your family aren't around this time." He said quietly and sincerely.

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His beautiful, brave wife. He shifted their hands to link their fingers together, believing absolutely the truth of her words despite his aching regret on her behalf. "You do." He promised her, and knew it wasn't quite same but was determined to have it be enough.

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He chuckled, loving the picture that painted. He came from a family of four children, she from five; he'd always wanted children of his own, and he wanted them to have siblings, just like he did, and he knew she felt similarly. "Sounds like heaven."

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"That sounds perfectly reasonable." He agreed, shifting his arms around her as she snuggled in against him. "Just sleep, my dear." He pressed another kiss to the top of her head, still embarassingly besotted even when she was ill.