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In ways, Jane could not possibly believe that she stood here with Carwood and met with the certainty that she was to be his wife in a matter of moments. Throughout the ceremony, it was all she could bear to think about and when it was through, she could not believe it, yet. She continued to steal glances from him and felt her breath in her chest catching at every moment.

"Carwood," she whispered to him when the event was over and their closest friends had witnessed the loveliness, "Carwood, we are married," she spoke the words with great reverence and awe. They had allowed their best persons to stand at their sides. Lydia had been the flower girl, and Jane had permitted both Jack and the Doctor to walk her to Dale, who had officiated with such a lovely air.

With Ianto as her best man, Jane felt as though she had the very best of friends surrounding her and was equally glad that they had decided on a very casual party. There was food, of course, and drinks, but she did not feel as though she ought to worry in regards to whether she was playing hostess appropriately.

She still could not quite believe, really, that she was once more married.

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As conscientious a guy as Lipton was, he had no qualms about this day. Once he'd made the decision on the island to separate himself from his failed marriage in a way he had never been able to do before, he'd had no regrets. He loved Jane completely, and his mind was thoroughly made up, and had been for what seemed like ages. He was absolutely certain about his commitment to her, even if he did daily wonder how he deserved someone so stunningly beautiful inside and out. To be completely honest, his only question about this day had been the decidedly unimportant decision of whether or not he should get married in uniform.

In the end, he'd chosen a suit - he'd always been a citizen soldier, anyway, even as much as the war was a part of him now - but the decision didn't come close to the amount of worries and fears he was pushing out of his mind while he'd stood with a bride before. He wasn't twenty and reeling in the wake of Pearl Harbour this time, and with Jane's warm, soft hand in his it seemed like a former life entirely. And maybe it was. His thumb brushed across the back of her hand and he caught her eye, his heart beating and impossibly full. They'd gone with a small, quiet ceremony, and with Harry as best man and Zell along as groomsman, it was more than enough for him.

Then, it was over, and she was murmering her disbelief to him, and his hand was comfortably resting on her lower back, and he could lean in and kiss her lightly, quickly, adoringly, and unable to stop smiling. "Yeah. Hey there, Missus Lipton." He felt a tug on his pant leg, and looked down to little Lydia who was gazing up at him expectantly, a few flowers still clutched in one hand. He reached down and easily lifted her up to his waist. "Your Mama looks beautiful, doesn't she?"

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Anne did her very best to ensure that Matthew was on his best behaviour, but somehow he still managed to be grubby by the time they went to greet Jane after the ceremony, in the way that children do. Still, he hadn't gotten underfoot at any point and that was enough of a relief that she didn't fuss overly about the state of his clothes.

"It was all so lovely," said Anne, for a moment reflecting on her own wedding day, years in the past now. "And you're positively glowing, Jane."

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He'd taken off his grey suit jacket and rolled up his sleeves in the heat, but he was still wearing his tie and a broad smile on his face. He was impossibly pleased and proud of Jane - Christ, Mrs. Lipton now, no more Miss Bennet - but still kind of embarassed in his own rather sheepish way.

This really had been the best way of going about this whole wedding business. Hell, he'd of worn a tutu and sung show tunes if Jane had wanted him to, since he'd been far more concerned with Jane's happiness than the ceremony itself, but between recent disappearances and an interest in keeping things simple, pleasant and personal, they'd ended with today's really pretty enjoyable affair. There'd never been any danger of a vast church and reams of vague relations around here, but there it was.

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"Congradulations." Sonya held out her hand to him, her other carrying a plate for herself.

She was glad to think that this was a wedding were she actually knew the couple. The last island wedding she'd appeared at was only because she was friends with friends of the groom, and while it was fun and lively-this made the event less awkward. The time she had gotten to know Lipton from ITF training, she would've liked to have such a man on her own team-he seemed the type to keep a cool and rational head in a crisis (a very welcome trait). Yes, he was a bit old fashioned, but he was also respectful and well mannered, so who was she to critique him.

In any event, she was glad he found someone.

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"Thanks," He said sincerely with a smile, shaking her hand. It was still unusual, shaking a lady's hand, but he was slowly getting used to treating Sonya like one of the boys.

"I'm glad it turned out so well. I never realized how difficult it was to plan one a wedding." He admitted, almost sheepishly.

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Lipton and Jane had their first date at Zell's eighteenth birthday party. He had thought they were great together and was glad to see them married. Lipton was a long-time friend. He always was more concerned about others than himself, so it was cool to see a nice guy finish first.

Zell had come to the wedding in his SeeD formal dress uniform. He had a big grin on his face and was just sitting down with a plate of food.

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"Looking pretty sharp there, Zell." Lipton said with a broad smile, rounding on Zell and giving him a friendly clap on the shoulder. He'd been standing behind him at the ceremony, but they hadn't had a chance to say more than a few words yet. "Almost makes me wish I'd worn my class-As."

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"Thanks, Lipton!"

Zell did like dressing up in his formals. He spent some time making his appearance flawless. It was SeeD pride. The wedding was a good enough excuse to wear it.

"So, how's it feel to be married?"
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"So, are you enjoying the party?" I said, coming up to him and handing him a plate of some very tasty h'or d'ourvres. I leaned on the wall beside him, quite close, before starting in on my own meal. "It's nice to see the happy couple."

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"I always enjoy the parties here. That's one of the plusses of this place. Good parties.

He looked over the plate of fancy thingies and picked the one that looked the most normal and bit into it. It was okay. Zell was a picky eater. More of a hot dog and pizza kind of guy.

"I'm glad Lipton found someone. He's a really good guy. Before I had you to unload on, Lipton was there for me whenever I needed him. He deserves some happiness."

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Hanzo watched the ceremony with great interest. He and Sonya would be having their own wedding not too long from now. He paid attention to the finer details, since he expected to be asked about his preferences on everything. Overall, the details weren't important to him, but he did want to be able to give an answer when Sonya needed his opinion.

Carwood Lipton and Jane Bennet seemed very much in love, as he was with Sonya. It was good to see. He could appreciate things like that now. Scorpion had come a long way from the heartless killer he had been before the island, and Sonya was responsible for much of his progress.

He wondered if there was anyone on the island that could produce photographs. As the wedding went on, he kept thinking of the family photo album he had received and how he now wanted one with pictures of he and Sonya.

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"Hey," Lipton said with a friendly smile and putting his hand out for a shake. "It's Hanzo, right?" Sonya was a hell of a gal, and he'd been meaning to get to know her boyfriend better for awhile now.

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"Yes, it is. It's a pleasure to meet you. My American friends used to call me Han. You can use that if you like."

It was certainly a different feeling to use his human name now. It did make him feel more human as opposed to going by his code-name, Scorpion.

"Sonya tells me you go by Lipton?"

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Dressed in the best suit he could find, and wearing his Trinity tie (that no longer looked as neat and new as it once had), Guy cheerfully had greeted and congratulated the newly married couple. If anyone should ask (or if he could find to fit it into the conversation) he would claim to have been at the very centre of their togetherness, and that this wedding would never have happened if it hadn’t been for his intervention.

There was a drink in his hand, but it was not accompanied with the usual cigarette. Jane was the only person on this island he would put a cigarette out for and this was a special occasion. ('You only marry twice' and all that.)

He wished them both the best and toasted loudly to them both staying on the island. "To Jane and Carwood; all the best, may you stay around to enjoy it!" He found it a wholly appropriate toast.

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"A chance to see that breath-taking smile on your face? I wouldn't miss it for the world!" Guy cheerfully commented. He was in a good mood and it wasn't all the drink. "You look beautiful, dear."

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"I'll drink to that!" Harry said, knocking his glass against Guy's and managing for once to not spill any over his hand.

"Beautiful day, wouldn't you say?" he went on. He'd spent the past few hours grinning constantly, and his face hurt a bit now, but he couldn't stop. "And I'll give you the credit for having the idea to keep on pestering them until they gave up their daft notions of giving up on each other."

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Guy had noticed Harry grinning like he was the father and mother of the groom put into one frightful but well-intending character.

"Thank you, thank you. And I congratulate you for all your fruitful help in this noble cause." Guy was appropriately modest.
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I'd only known Jane in passing, and I was getting to know Lipton better through his friendship to Zell. Still, I was happy to be at the party. A wedding was always nice to witness. It was good seeing people grabbing happiness while they could from the Island. It was a good thing to do, and I threw myself into the spirit of the thing, putting on one of my better dresses, with some tasteful accessories the Island's clothes box was kind enough to provide. It should be easy enough to enjoy this evening.

The fact that I was here as Zell's date certainly didn't hurt, either.
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Harry was having a fine time of it, weaving through the crowd, constantly topping up his drink and making conversation with everyone on the way. He caught sight of Polly and, realising he'd not talked to her yet, made his approach.

"I believe as the best man, it's traditional for me to flirt with all the female guests," he said. "Luckily, I'm engaged myself, so Zell hasn't got much to worry about. Are you enjoying yourself?"

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Sonya arrived dressed for the event. It wasn't her dress greens (even if this wasn't a military wedding), but the simple, pale green dress that she'd found in the clothing box-she knew it'd come in handy at one point.

Truthfully, she felt a little more at ease around Lipton then Jane-for all the times she really did try to get along with her-but that was no excuse not to congradulate the couple. She knew him enough to agree that it was a good match, for practical as well as sentimental reasons.

Of course, Hanzo was with her, watching the ceremony (well, studying it seemed more appropriate). She couldn't help but look over the details herself, wondering if maybe any of this would transition over to winter, or if what they would have to work with if it did change. She also felt it surreal that she and him would be married within the next few months: she who had settled herself on being single, and he never even thought he would ever be human again much less engaged.

Sonya didn't care for superstitions, she'd survived too much to put much stock in them, but she found herself crossing her fingers and praying that she and Hanzo would be allowed to spend a long time together.

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Harry had been one of the people rooting for Lipton and Jane to get together from the beginning, and though he'd felt a slight pang of jealousy when first told about the wedding, today he felt nothing but gladness and maybe a touch of pride at getting to see one of his best friends marry somebody he loved.

He didn't have his dress uniform on the island, only shabby fatigues which were far from formal, but several days' argument with the clothes box had at last furnished him with a clean, well-fitting suit. It was a shame it had all happened too quickly for him to arrange the raucous bachelor party he'd wanted to throw, but he could make up for all that now they were having the reception.

He just hoped that for once the island might be merciful, and give them many years to enjoy their time together.