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[For Anne & Matthew]

It did seem almost strange that time enough had passed for their two children to play together so independently. It was only a small time ago that Jane recalled how she worried over Lydia's every movement and how it seemed as though Lydia could take large skips, hops, and steps to do anything she liked and Matthew seemed just as big.

"I hardly understand it!" Jane expressed to Anne with sheer shock and mild delight. "It does seem that I was only a young girl myself and yet now Lydia seems to be the age of my sisters. I'm sure that you understand as well. Matthew seems to be quite the young boy now, as well!"

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"I should have suspected that any child of mine and Ariel's would have an unrivalled sense of adventure and curiosity," said Anne, "but now that he's large enough to act upon it, I find it quite unavoidable to notice. It really doesn't seem that long ago that I was the one playing games of imagination. Though perhaps with slightly"

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"If there's even a whiff of trouble, he seems to find it," said Anne with the sigh of someone who's resigned herself to her fate. "And if there isn't a whiff of trouble, he makes it. Oh, not the terrible sort of course, but it feels like there's not a thing he won't get into, given half a chance."

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"Just shy of two and a half years," said Anne with a disbelieving shake of her head. "I really haven't any idea where the time went. At least he knows how to be gentle when the occasion demands it."

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"I don't mind in the least," said Anne, "But there's precious little to tell. I really ought to try to get out more, or I shall lose all of my social skills and try to communicate with everyone at the level of a toddler."

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"I think we may take you up on that," said Anne. "I feel as though Matthew gets out more than I do, outside of my work, but then Matthew is definitely not a shy one when it comes to meeting new people. He is positively delighted with the entire world and everyone in it."

Even if his entire world was an island.

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"Positively exhausted some days," said Anne, "though I would not say that I get no respite. I do have some wonderful friends who watch Matthew for me when I have other obligations or simply need a few moments to myself. He's certainly a child who needs more than one keeper."

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"Oh yes," said Anne. "I do feel the pangs of guilt over that, but it is a truth about life that people have many different parts to them. A mother is still a person outside of her relationship with her child."

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"Well, I wouldn't say I haven't been living," said Anne, "but I'm afraid there's been no romance in my life for...." Well, since she'd lost Ariel, which seemed so long ago now, and at the same time seemed like yesterday. "Quite some time."

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"I suppose this is one way in which I'm not the girl I once was," said Anne. "Oh, I did live a grand romance in my head at times, even though my work ethic was decidedly pragmatic. I was so impatient to be swept away. But now I believe that romance will happen again in its own time. Perhaps the right person for me is simply not here yet."

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"My type?" said Anne. "Oh, I couldn't possibly say. When I was younger I thought I knew precisely the sort of man I would end up with, but of course my perspective has entirely changed. I suppose I just want to find someone with whom I can be myself, and that I shall have to discover as I go."

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"I don't find it intrusive at all," said Anne. Really, it was nice to have a woman friend to talk about these things with, who understood at least a little her perspective on the matter. "I only wish I had a better or more promising answer for you. Maybe one day soon I will."

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"Children do tend to find their own," said Anne, "whether we help them along or not. I think the idea of play is just ingrained in them, and they will seek out all means to do so."

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While Anne hadn't any idea what it was like to grow up with a family or siblings, she did have some sense of what it was like to be surrounded by children. He was quite certain that Jane was speaking of an entirely different experience.

"I shall always be grateful that Matthew is among friends," she said, "even if he never has any brothers or sisters. But there's certainly plenty of time for that, for both of us."

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"He's a very good man," said Anne, "and I'm certain he would be very good with your children, if that's what you choose. You sound like you'd be very happy with a larger family."