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Of all the places that they might have gone on the Island to enjoy some time together, Jane found herself hard-pressed to enjoy any choice like the one they had made. She adored the beach as it was so unfamiliar and lovely at once and was such a fond place in her memories. It was here that they first met and she felt as though it kept a special place in her heart.

She had dressed in freshly-laundered linens and now made her way to meet him, hoping that he would not find her late. She had placed Lydia at the Children's Office in the hope of offering privacy were they to wander longer than they had possibly planned. When she saw him in the distance, she brightened far more than before, waving as she approached. "Carwood," she greeted warmly, leaning on her toes to kiss him. "I do hope I'm not too late."

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As he waited for her, he had unconsciously assumed the parade rest pose with his feet evenly apart and his hands clasped behind his back - the most unintentionally obvious sign of his nervousness he could possibly have given. Still, even if he had been concsious of it, it wasn't likely that she would recognize it.

He turned as he heard her footsteps, face breaking into a warm smile, and he easily slid his arm around her as she drew up to him and kissed her back gently. "Right on time," He promised, even if he had no idea if that was true. "Lydia get dropped off alright?"

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"Well, sounds like a good afternoon to me," He said, his tone teasing, sliding his hand from her back down her forearm to slip her hand into his. "How about we just go for a walk?" He asked, voice perfectly natural even though his stomach fluttered as if he were a teenager again.

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He shook his head, his thumb brushing over the smooth skin of the back her hand indulgently. "Just touch ups, here and there, nothing big." The beach was lovely this late afternoon, the sun lowering towards evening and casting shadows over the sand while the waves were a soft rush in the background. "What did you get up to?"

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"Really?" He asked, and while he was reasonably pleased she was finding both practical and social ways to occupy her time, it couldn't be helped that his attentions stuck on that last point. And he honestly wasn't sure how he felt about that. Of course she'd want to know about the war that had occupied so much of his life, but he wanted to protect her from the knowledge of just how bad it had been. "What's that like?"

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If Harry was heading the thing, then that put some of Lipton's fears to rest. Lipton had seen him as a lieutenant; he knew he'd be a good teacher, and knew the man had a good head on his shoulders. "There a class for me to take on your home?" He asked, smiling at her.

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"So tell me," He said casually, and felt bold with the thrill he'd had standing at the edge of the C-47's open door. "How would it be proper for me to court you where you're from?"

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Conversation and dancing, he'd gotten that part down. He would have asked her father permission if he could have. Still, hearing Mr. Bingley used as a case study wasn't exactly inspiring, but he couldn't fault her for having suitors before him. Hell, he'd been married before.

"And if you didn't have a father for your suitor to ask? Would you answer for yourself?" Still terribly casual, ask if he were just curious and not tempted to slip his hand into his pocket to check the ring that he knew was still there.

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"How did he ask?" He wondered, after a moment in which the curiosity burned to find out, and the stubborn determination not to know, so as not to be making comparisons in his head in the very near future. In the end, curiosity won out, because he'd always been too rational for his own good.

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He was a big enough man to have appreciated that there was someone looking after her, that loved her, that enabled her to have Lydia, before he came along. He was selfish enough, however, to be damn glad the man was gone by the time he arrived.

It was easy, it always was, for his arms to fit comfortably around her, and for him to kiss her back. "A box of momentos from a life you haven't lived yet, and he still turned it into a good memory." He smiled, his voice free of jealousy. "The man was good, I'll give him that."

He wasn't surprised that he was one of three men who had wanted to marry her, and knew the real number had to have been more. He couldn't see how anyone could not love her.

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That was a fascinating if troubling suggestion, and Lipton dimly hoped that the island wasn't getting any ideas. "You do have very good taste." He said, entirely seriously, but the gleam in his eyes as he tucked his arm close around her as they went back to walking gave away his teasing. "So, momentos from another future and spouses from the past, what do you want in your future, Jane?" He thought he knew, he hoped he did.

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"If you were happy, I think that'd go a long way for me." He said, and the light was dimming slightly as the sun crept down over the water, and she was warm and close at this side, and when he turned to her on the sand the wind was brushing at her blonde hair and he thought that this might be it. "But there's something else that'd make me happier than anything." He smiled at her, honest and open and just a little bit tinged with nervous anticipation. He slid his hands out of hers, and got down on one knee.

"I love you Jane, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to watch Lydia grow up with you, I want to keep waking up next to you, and every day I want to try to make you as happy as you make me." He wasn't good at this, had tried to practice and get the words right but they'd still gotten a bit mixed up as he looked up at her, so damn gorgeous. Still, it had turned out alright, so far. "Will you do me the honour of marrying me?" He was terribly relieved when he slid the ring out of his pocket and held it up to her without fumbling it once.

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Lipton's heart clenched in a way that stole the air from his chest as her eyes teared up and she clasped her mouth with her hand. Oh god, she couldn't say no, she couldn't... but then she laughed, and she was right in front of him, and asking if he was certain, and saying yes in a rush. Then the air was back in his lungs, and his heart was fit to burst, and his arms were around her, and he was laughing as he lifted her up and around, until in his sight she was set against the setting sun like an angel, spinning her back down to the ground to where he stood with his arms around her.

"More than anything." He promised to her original question, and moved the golden ring with its sparkling inset diamond from his palm to her slender ringfinger, sliding it on her. "You're going to make me the happiest man on the island." He said, but then was still grinning to had to adjust his estimate. "Hell, I already am."

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He couldn't help himself, and indulgently kissed her forehead as she looked down in his arms and at her engagement ring. He wasn't a proud sort of man, not one who found material things to mean a great deal to him, but being able to give the woman he loved something that gave her that expression was the best feeling in the world. He knew, rationally, that the ring he gave her wouldn't matter, that she wasn't shallow enough herself to care about that sort of thing, but he wanted her to have something as beautiful as she was.

"Your friends, Blair and Serena. Helped that it was for you that I was able to get it." He smiled down at her.

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"There is nothing that I want more." He said softly, and ignored the voice that was saying that this was too good to be true, that there was no way that his gorgeous, wonderful woman would want to tie her life and her beautiful daughter's to his. He was far too ordinary, too flawed, to deserve her, but he couldn't help but adore her anyway, and revel in the fact that she loved him back. He kissed her, unhurriedly, arms around her and holding her close to him.

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Living up to her fantasies was something he could only hope to aspire to, but god knew he'd do his best. "How do you want it to go? The wedding, I mean." He smiled, and couldn't be more pleased to say those words. He'd done this once already, in a church filled of both of their families, and he knew she had as well, even if he didn't know the details of it. He knew he wanted to marry her, but he couldn't care less about the details, as long as she was happy.

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"Whatever you want." He promised, despite his own limited resources on the island. Still, he had woodworking and the willingness to do whatever it took, so he was sure they'd manage. "However big or small. I don't want you to have to do too much planning if you don't want to." The island was a different matter, but he still remembered JoAnne having her family, especially her mother, to help her with the preparations. He knew Jane would wish for her own mother and sisters, but he'd do what he could, and he was sure others would too.

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He brought her closer still, hands on her back and shoulders, heart still beating a mile a minute. They'd spoken of it before, so he'd been fairly confident of her similar wish for marriage, but that supsicion couldn't compare with the absolute reality of knowing that she wanted to be his wife.

"Yes - Little Miss Lydia." He breathed, his lips forever upturned into a brilliantly happy smile. "My daughter." He grasped her hand in his and tugged her gently but playfully across the sand towards the house, as if they were lovestruck teenagers and not adults on their second marriages.