bennet_beauty: (the beauty: by wanuspatronus)
Jane Bennet ([personal profile] bennet_beauty) wrote2010-04-05 06:43 pm
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[For Jack]

Jane was beginning to worry. It wasn't that she had ever stopped, but now that the ball was fast approaching and months had now passed, she was beginning to worry once more that the subject of her physical intimacy with Carwood would be broached and Jane was still unsure as to what she was supposed to say to him or offer him.

She was perched beside the clothing box with crossed-legs, her dress covering every inch of them as she sifted through the materials and the clothes and she wondered at what precisely a woman was supposed to wear in order to...well, please a man. She felt hopeless, wishing that she could know more of this instead of be so haplessly clueless as she was.

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