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Jane Bennet ([personal profile] bennet_beauty) wrote2010-02-06 08:20 pm
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[For Lipton]

Jane had taken the food for Carwood and had moved it to New Pemberley, for while she did not think either of them unable to remain in decency about the other, she still felt it best that they did not cause a scene -- even in happiness. She arranged the birthday cake and sucked sweet frosting from off her pinky to assure that it still tasted wonderful, giving a nod of pleasure when it was no less tasty than when she had made it.

It felt as though her whole body hummed in anxiety, utterly unsure as to what was to come next. To be sure, she knew of her love for him, of his love for her, and of his adoration for Lydia, but she had done this once before to great disaster with Mr. Bingley and once in a most unconventional way with Stuart. She had no basis to work upon and that scared her, truly.

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