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[For Lipton]

Jane had taken the food for Carwood and had moved it to New Pemberley, for while she did not think either of them unable to remain in decency about the other, she still felt it best that they did not cause a scene -- even in happiness. She arranged the birthday cake and sucked sweet frosting from off her pinky to assure that it still tasted wonderful, giving a nod of pleasure when it was no less tasty than when she had made it.

It felt as though her whole body hummed in anxiety, utterly unsure as to what was to come next. To be sure, she knew of her love for him, of his love for her, and of his adoration for Lydia, but she had done this once before to great disaster with Mr. Bingley and once in a most unconventional way with Stuart. She had no basis to work upon and that scared her, truly.

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He'd done it.

He'd visited the Council Office, spoken to Nate, signed some papers, had everything sorted out and now... there was no JoAnne. It was like some sort of weight had been lifted off his shoulders, had been entirely removed, and he could suddenly breathe easily again.

It was alarming, and exhilerating, and a million different things just because he no longer was in a marriage that had been nothing but difficult for years. There had been a way out that he didn't need to be ashamed about, there were no official faults like there would have been at home, and not nearly the amount of social disapproval... He could still be a good man, and not married to JoAnne. He could still be a good man, and be in love with Jane. No longer Miss Bennet, but Jane, because he wasn't a married man. Jane. And, right now, that was really the most terrifying and fantastic thing.

He moved up the front steps of New Pemberly and knocked on the door, suddenly wondering if he looked presentable and sure that he should have found a jacket or a tie or something. Oh, Christ, he was eighteen all over again.

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Lipton smiled at her, something inside of him settling at the sight of her, golden and beaming in the doorway, the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. He wished all of a sudden that he had thought to bring her flowers - it had been so long. So long since he had done anything like this, felt anything like this, and it was exhilerating.

"It's done," He said, and was filled with so much he wanted to say and do that without thinking he stepped up beside her in the doorway and caught her up, twirling her slightly around, grinning down at her and unable to believe in, well, any of this. "I'm free." He said it almost wonderingly, not sure if that was truly the right expression to use when you had just separated from your wife of five years, but absolutely certain it was the right word for how he felt.

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"Ah, thanks," Lipton smiled, but really didn't want to move from where he stood with his hands on her waist. But, thank God, at least she could remember to be decent. He stepped away, but kept his hand on her shoulder so that he wouldn't lose contact with her completely. "I'm going to have to actually introduce myself to the Queen, sometime soon." He didn't think he'd ever smiled so much in his entire life, but he gestured towards the kitchen. "Lead the way, Miss...Jane." It was a terrible save, but he was so terribly used to 'Miss Bennet' that he couldn't help but chuckle softly, a bit embarassed, at it.

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Her hand was so soft and small in his, and he shifted his hand to thread his fingers through hers as she tugged him easily along. "Jane," He said, as if testing it out, thinking that pink really was a gorgeous colour on her. Then again, she could wear anything and still look beautiful, or even nothing at all... and now he was the one in danger of looking pink. "Jane." He said again, almost decisively, and it really was a pretty name, even if he did sound like a simpleton saying it over again.

"Then I should definately thank her." Lipton decided, and had the sickening knowledge that he had caused her much of that pain. "Any friend of Jane's is a friend of mine."

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It was so easy, so natural, to feel her soft lips on his and to have his hands find her hips. He wanted, so badly, to press more eagerly at her lips, to nudge them open with his tongue and run his hand up her side - but the greater part of his mind knew that they needed to take this one step of a time. For her benefit, but also for his. As much as he loved and desired Jane, he really had just signed away his five years with JoAnne. He needed some time, at least, to take this slow. Even if, at times like right now, it seemed like doing so could quite possibly kill him. It had been so long, after all.

"You are the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen." He murmered, her words about the birthday cake not forgotten but taking a second to sink in when she was so close, and so beautiful. She was looking up at him, and he couldn't help it - he leaned in to kiss her again, just for a few moments, succumbing that much to the temptation. "Right, cake." He said after a moment, smiling at her almost sheepishly.

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He nudged up her chin, gently, when she blushed and hid her face, so he could see her impossibly pretty eyes. "Not too kind," He corrected, because now he could and not have to fear the consequences of what his truthful answer would reveal. "Just as much as you deserve." Straightforward and entirely genuine, even if it did sound a bit awkward to his own ears.

He let himself be pulled along, her pink dress catching his eye. "Is that new, what you're wearing?" He asked, because, now that he looked, it was shorter than what he was used to seeing her in. Quite short, actually, and his eyes were caught by her long, slim legs.

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Well, he'd never been all that observant when it came to ladies' clothing. In his defence, not alotta guys were. Still, it was somewhat embarassing. But he had to chuckle when she mentioned fearing to be mistaken for a harlot. "Well, I think you look great. And not at all like a prostitute, promise."

He leant against the table as she took out plates and readied the food, his arms loosely crossed against his chest and his eyes on the woman in front of him. He didn't seem to be able to tear is eyes away from her, even if he was sure that she would become unnerved by his close watch. But the truth was, he couldn't help looking at her as if he never wanted to look away again, because in all honesty he didn't. The overwhelming sense of rightness seemed to be back again, now that he was no longer denying what he felt about her for the sake of the ring on his finger.

"What kind of cake is it?" He asked politely, wanting to break the silence before he made her uncomfortable.

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"I'm a simple kind of guy," Lipton said lightly, his eyes caught by her pink lips and the removal of the icing, and he suddenly had to clear his exceptionally dry throat. Christ, it was like now that he'd removed the bonds that kept him from her he'd opened up the floodgates. How had he stayed away from her so goddamn long? "I'dve liked it then, but I gotta say I like the way things worked out far better."

He placed his palms on the table beside him, and looked down around him, wondering why there wasn't a little girl underfoot. "Where's Little Miss Lydia?"

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Although the chance to be alone with Jane was not one he'd give up for the world, he couldn't help but wish Liddy was here too, at least for a little while. As much as it had torn him apart to be avoiding Jane, he had never been able to avoid Lydia, and had visited her at the Children's Office every so often. "I'm sure she's being as perfect as always," Lipton assured her, and took up the offered fork.

"Thank you, Jane," He said, catching her hand as she stood up from placing the things on the table and bringing it up to his lips and kissing the back of it before releaseing her. "I never thought I'd be able to separate from JoAnne, but doing so allowed be to be here with you. It was the best birthday present I could have."

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He smiled at her, and wanted to draw her to him and kiss her again, but he forced himself to pick up a fork instead. "I'm sorry it took me so long." He didn't need to say that separating from JoAnne had been a big step for him. She knew that, as she knew almost everything about him. But the result made it decidedly worth it. "I guess better late than never, huh?"

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"No?" He asked, automatically brushing his thumb across the back of her hand where they were threaded together. He hadn't done any of this for so long. The last time he'd been in a relationship that could even compare to this he had still been in his teens - but even then, it couldn't come close. He'd thought he loved JoAnne, but he'd loved the idea of her more than the woman - or girl, as she had been then. Christ, he'd been young. And here he was, twenty five and in love, really in love, and he barely knew how to act. He'd done everything right, everything expected the first time, and it had fallen to pieces. Who was to say he wouldn't somehow mess it up again? And that was a thought that made his heart almost skip a beat in fear.

"Then what do you want to think on today?" He asked, smiling at her and willing none of his insecurities to show.

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He smiled at her, and there really was no way that he could be any more taken with her than he was. "I'm happy, and very respectful." He said obediantly, unconsciously leaning closer as well, his forearm resting on the table. "You don't ever have to hide things from me," He promised, eyes dancing as he looked at her. "I promise not to turn you away ever again." Some of the guilt he felt for that threatened to return, but her hand was warm in his and he ignroed it.

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His smile tilted up further when she promised not to turn away, and when she mentioned eating he had completely forgotten the fork in his hand.

He obediently cut a bit of his piece of cake off with the fork and tucked it in his mouth, chewing pleasantly, then with more vigour once he'd tasted it. "Someone most definately did wonders when they taught you to cook. It's great!"

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"Well, all your hard work has definately paid off." Lipton wished again, for Jane's sake, that there were people from her old life still here on the island. He knew it pained her to not have her sister, mother or Darcy here any longer. Then again, it made him a hypcrite - because he didn't wish Stuart here again, and his disappearance had hurt her as well. But that was only to be expected, he supposed.

"Of course," He said, pausing in his cake eating and turning towards her. "You don't need to ask." He added, tenderly.

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Oh, Christ. What a question... suddenly his mouth was dry. A part of him wanted to laugh at how immediately he could honestly answer, but instead he looked at her seriously, his mouth just titling up into a smile. He put his fork down and with that hand brushed the blonde hair off her cheek, not willing to move the hand she held. "Believe me when I say that I want everything with you. Whatever you're comfortable with, anyway. I didn't love JoAnne, but I was with her for five years - I just... it'd be better if we waited. A little while. Before anything too physical, yeah?" He was probably flushed now, blushing like a teenage girl, but Good Lord she did things to him and it was killing him to tell her he wanted to take things slow awhile.

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"I wouldn't dream of it." Lipton said, smiling at her and, really, somewhat glad that was the case. He wouldn't have thought anything less of her had she been a bit more, well, worldly - things were different here, after all, and he thought he'd be able to accept that as well, but he could appreciate the fact that this meant there were a lot less guys on the island he had to be terribly, terribly jealous of.

"As long as we're on the subject of full disclosure," He let his hand slide down to her shoulder and rest there for the moment. "I've only every been with JoAnne." And that right there wasn't something he'd ever admit to anyone else, but God knows they could probably have guessed without too much trouble. But they'd married young, and he hadn't had much time for girlfriends before he'd met JoAnne, so there it was.

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He saw her try to duck away as a smile broke out on her lips, and he tilted his head down to keep it in his line of sight as long as possible. She was so gorgeous when she smiled.

"Let me know when it comes time to worry." He assured her when her eyes caught his. "I'm pretty good at it. I could do it for the both of us."

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"I'm not all that modern here, myself." Lipton said lightly, and as he spoke he caught the glint of the wedding ring still on the finger of his left hand where it rested on her shoulder. After so long unable to forget that it was there, he'd done exactly that since he'd gone to see Nate. He drew his hand from her shoulder, and slipped his hand gently from hers, and started to work at the ring on his finger. He'd been wearing it for so long, he couldn't remember the last time he took it off.

It took a few moments as he silently worked at it, and finally he could tug it off his finger until it was just a simple silver band lying in the palm of his hand. "I guess I won't be needing this anymore, huh?" There was wonder in his voice.

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"It's not that I'm not ready to remove it, just that I don't know what to do with it otherwise." He shrugged, and stared down at it again. "I could keep it in the same drawer as my gun and uniform, but that wouldn't feel right." He looked up at her, and was struck again by how ridiculosuly lucky he was to have a place at her side. "Would you like it? It wouldn't mean much, of course, nothing too serious, but I think it makes sense for you to hold on to it. You're the reason I am what I am these days, after all."

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"Alright," He said, and placed the thing on the table where it could be placed along with all the other remnants of home. He suddenly regretted asking her if she wanted it, and he wondered if he'd thought in that rash moment if the ring was out of his possession it wouldn't undo the last five years of his life.

"Believe me, you've got that." Lipton told her, eyes soft. "I shouldn't have asked you. I usually think before I speak, but I always seem to forget to with you." It was meant to be something like an apology, but where that had turned into an admission he wasn't sure.

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"Just what I was thinking," He assured her with a smile, the fingers at his temple oddly comforting. "Along with my rifle and uniform. Things from a past life."

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He chuckled at her excitement, and he couldn't help but join her in it. "Well, time we do have."